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In 2015 BOSS Dog Food, a flagship brand of Promeal (the second largest wet food manufacture in South Africa) has hit the shelves and South African dog bowls with a new and improved formulation, look and brand voice. Offering complete and balanced nutrition in beautiful modern new packaging, BOSS now allows consumers a high quality, locally produced and affordable dog food to give their four-legged family members the complete nutrition they deserve.

The BOSS team at Promeal, which has over 23 years experience in manufacturing, have identified the local and international trend towards “healthy eating” and acknowledge the impact this has had on the pet food industry, with shifts towards premiumisation and improved quality. Tania Morgan-Weyer, Managing Director at Promeal (PTY) LTD explains, “The rise in the healthy eating movement has had a direct impact on the pet food industry. We are seeing strong growth in pet food products that mirror human foods and offer increased nutrition.”  In light of this belief the BOSS team has dedicated months to reformulating the well-known BOSS brand and improving the recipe to include increased nutrition and health benefits.

The BOSS brand has proved that you can teach an old dog new tricks and now offers your furry pals a trusted brand with even more nutritional benefits than ever before. The new BOSS formulation prides itself on complete nutrition thereby giving dogs complete and balanced, full meals from a can. Unknown to many dog owners, not all cans are equal in their nutritional offerings, and cannot all claim to offer the same complete nutrition in a can that BOSS does. Many dog food manufacturers claim to be the preferred option by dogs; BOSS put it to the test. Based on the independent taste test panels conducted in 2014 and 2015, 8 out of 10 dogs showed a clear preference for the new BOSS recipe (over other wet food options in a similar competitive set) and thus they gave BOSS the tail wagging sign of approval.

BOSS’s new meatloaf recipe also includes added vitamins and minerals giving consumers peace of mind by ensuring their pets get Peak Protection™.  Peak Protection™ ensures dogs get all the goodness they need in their food for shiny coats, strong teeth and bones, improved digestive health and immune systems as well as healthy energy and vitality. All that in a can.

Many pet owners know most wet food options must me combined with dry food to provide a balanced meal for dogs, but with BOSS, a can of wet food itself offers the benefit of complete nutrition. With its extra tasty credentials however, BOSS wet food still makes a fantastic addition or mixer with dry food. The addition of rice to the BOSS recipe makes it tastier for dogs and assists with digestion. Many consumers continue to find success with the result of happy and healthy dogs by mixing the wet BOSS with dry. BOSS’s new range also includes two tasty dry flavours; Warrior Steak and Chief’s Chicken. The wet BOSS flavours include: Champions Chicken (for puppies), Warrior Steak (adult), Chief’s Chicken (adult), Legendary Liver (adult), Hunger Buster Beef (adult), Captain’s Chicken (mature), Grand Grill (mature). Cans range in size from 385g (puppy) to the larger 820g cans and retail at the remarkable recommended selling price of R 12.99 – R 16.99 (RSP) for the cans and R 149.00 for the 8kg dry food bags.

The new BOSS range offers life stages meaning that you can get your furry kids going on it from a puppy all the way to adult and mature, senior dogs because each life stage requires different nutrition and calories. “We are very proud to be the first affordable dog food brand that includes life stage formulations in our brand family,” says Morgan-Weyer, “We believe each pet, at each stage of its life, deserves high quality.


The new BOSS hit the shelves in early July and the relaunch has been supported by exciting and fresh on the ground trial activations including doggie tasting stations and a pooch selfie booth. Sampling will continue in Johannesburg leading up to the Christmas period. BOSS will be taking over local parks, markets, dog-friendly events as well as key malls and retail outlets. For more information on the activations keep an eye out on the new BOSS website (see here) and social pages (Facebook BOSS Dog Food and Twitter @BossDogFood). BOSS has also put its best paw forward and launched into the digital space with a new BOSS website, Facebook page and Twitter account. Throughout the sampling campaign, socially BOSS is driving communities with the @WhostheBOSS social competition. Asking fans to share pictures of their fluffy dog bosses.


BOSS and the Promeal team are also very strongly entrenched in the belief that all dogs deserve Peak Protection™ - both from within from good quality nutrition but also on the outside with protection against the elements, hard or cruel conditions and the general doggy-dog world out there. BOSS’s TAKE THE LEAD initiatives focus on supporting key CSI partnerships with dog homes, rescue organisations and charity initiatives. BOSS is dedicating time, money and resources to TAKE THE LEAD in pet protection in South Africa, to give a voice to those with only a bark.

As part of the Johannesburg leg of the BOSS campaign, BOSS has partnered with the ARK Animal Centre team (http://www.arkanimalcentre.co.za/about) based in Chartwell, which is the leading rehabilitation and re-homing animal shelter in South Africa, and the only shelter that specifically caters for pregnant moms dogs and puppies. “At BOSS we believe that all dogs, of all ages and life beginnings deserve the best change at a happy and healthy life. We are very proud to support organisations like the ARK Animal Centre which hold the same values as BOSS by offering protection to mom dogs and puppies,” says Morgan-Weyer. At all BOSS activations and events the teams will be selling handcrafted TAKE THE LEAD dog leads up-cycled from recyclable material. All the proceeds will go towards the ARK Animal Centre. BOSS will also be supporting the home with puppy food (BOSS’s life stage formulation for puppies), which is desperately needed as well as a stockpile of BOSS dog food supply to sell to new puppy owners who arrive to re-home their puppies. BOSS will also support the home with valuable social support driving awareness for the home.


The BOSS team is irrevocably dedicated to Peak Protection™ in all aspects. Their dedication to the cause starts right at home with the quality of the dog food they produce. If you’re looking for a pet food brand that is committed to providing your pooch with the nutrients it needs, then look no further. At BOSS their dedicated leadership team believes so vehemently in the quality of their food that a selection of the team including Managing Director Tania Morgan-Weyer taste test every production run themselves. This quality control measure is evidence of the team’s desire and dedication to consistency in quality. “It is our intention to manufacture our pet food with the same care and quality ingredients that we would serve our own families,” explains Morgan-Weyer.  “With BOSS you can rest assured knowing that your pet is receiving complete balanced nutrition that has our leadership team’s “tried and tasted” stamp of approval,” completes Morgan-Weyer.

The factory also proudly boats the international achievement of the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Global Standard for Food Safety Certification. This recognition shows a great level of competence in critical areas including HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), hygiene, factory environment standards as well as food safety and quality management systems and is one illustration of how we are devoted to ensuring top class processes, practices and standards in order to produce only the best quality pet food for our customers – and their four legged, furry family members.  All BOSS dog food is also ACT 36 approved.

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About Promeal

Passionate about your pets, Promeal (Pty) Ltd is a Sub-Saharan African pet food boutique specialising in the craft of nutritious pet food. With over 25 years experience, Promeal are the second largest wet pet food manufacturer in South Africa and the largest House brand wet manufacturer in the country. With a distinct local heritage the company was founded in the agricultural sector as a livestock feed manufacturing business.

Promeal’s flagship brands, Boss and Petley’s are designed with the same love and care that the Promeal crew would put into preparing dinner for their own families. A trusted network of farmers, producers and suppliers provide the Atlantis based factory with a consistent source of quality meats and veggies. Promeal are also proud manufacturers of quality pet food for South Africa’s top retailer brands, some pet shops and specialty channel brands as well as export brands, proof of their well-known and trusted quality and nutritious pet food.

Promeal (Pty) Ltd, registration no. Registration no. 1961/01324/07, is a subsidiary of Overberg Agri Ltd http://www.overbergagri.co.za





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