February is Dental Health Month for Pets

Healthy Teeth care tips for your Pet:

Pet Dental Health MonthA pet will live a much healthier life if you can help to keep their teeth clean. Poor oral hygiene can lead to tooth loss, heart disease and infection internally which can lead to sepsis.

Finger dog toothbrushes are the best, they are soft and easy to manoeuvre around the dogs mouth.  Get one suited for your pet size mouth.  New kiddies brushes can be used as well but it is more difficult to navigate around the mouth due the handle getting in the way.




Should your pet resist the brush, try wrapping gauze around your finger and gently rubbing their teeth with your finger.


  • Take it easy when you start this activity.
  • Remember it must be fun for them too. 
  • Limit the activity to a few seconds, or as long as your pet allows it. 
  • Reward with a treat after brushing.
  • Never use Human Toothpaste.

Other alternatives can be dental gels and products you can add to their water. Certain dental diets and safe chew toes also help keep the teeth clean. But brushing remains the gold standard

Pet Dental Finger Brush

The vital parts of the mouth is the outside upper teeth, these are the ones most prone to periodontal diseases.  Tartar is the hard brown layer we often see on dogs teeth older than 3 years of age. It is a mixture of bacteria, calcium and debris and can only be removed by ultrasonic scaling. Plaque ( a slimy transparent layer) is the precursor of tartar and easily controlled with regular brushing.


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