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Country: South Africa
Province: Western Cape
City / Town: Cape Town
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Service Type Alternative Healing for Pets
Brief description of service Probio Pet Coat Care & Probio Pet Odour Away.
Probio, a South African producer of probiotic based chemical alternatives, offers two pet care products that use probiotic technology to control odours and clean animals without the potentially harmful side effects caused by chemical-based soaps and shampoos. The pet range includes Probio Coat Care and Probio Pet Odour away

Coat Care can be used daily as an alternative to shampooing or bathing, and its gentle herbal fragrance and transparent colouring make it pleasant and safe to use on your pet. Pet Odour Away neutralizes almost all pet associated odours, completely removing any unpleasant smells related to indoor accidents, litter boxes, sleeping areas and wet fur.
Our Services cater for Dogs, Cats
Cost for Probio Pet Range - Subject to Change
Probio Coat Care - R73. 50
Probio Pet Odour Away - R78.75
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Phone: 021 865 2832
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