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Country: South Africa
Province: Gauteng
City / Town: Pretoria
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Brief description of service The Sphynx Breed
The intriguing Sphynx never fails to draw a reaction from people, whether its the nakedness, wrinkled look, or the 'ugliness' one is shore to draw some attention. For those that take the time to get to know the breed, a great treat is in store. The Sphynx breed has a very soft skin that feels like soft leather and are so very warm to touch. They have extreme curiosity, their big eyes, ears and all the wrinkles should definitely bring a smile to your face.

CASA registered Sphynx Breeder situated in Pretoria.

Caring for Your Sphynx
The Sphynx is indoor cat, as they can get sunburn or even cancer. However they can go outside under strict supervision and if the weather allows it.
People have the miss conception that Sphynx do not need grooming, this is false. The Sphynx can be considered a high maintenance cat, due to the lack of fur, the oils that cats excrete through their skin are not absorbed into the fur, thus the oil lies on the bare skin and attracts grime. They can become dirty quite quickly and thus needs a weekly bath.
​Eyes and ears also has to be cleaned, sometimes more than once a week.
​Nails also has to be clipped, this is normally less frequent than eyes, ears and baths.
​Due to the inquisitive personality in the Sphynx they also need a lot of toys, space and companionship. They love snuggling up to their humans or other furry friends and are most definitely not shy to ask for some TLC.
​A full Care Sheet will be provided when adopting a Hairless Joy baby and we are also available 24/7 if you should require some advice or assistance.

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Cost for Sphynx Hairless Joy - Subject to Change
Prices depend on the type of sphynx as we have Canadian Sphynx,Elf Sphynx as well as Donskoy sphynx.

Minimum - R7500
Maximum - R9500

Prices excludes shipping cost, as clients are welcome to collect their kitten bu we do offer to fly kittens to major airports in SA.
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