50 Amazing Pet Blogs

50 Amazing Pet Blogs And Websites Any Pet Lover Should Follow

Any Pet owner who cares about their furry friends wants to find the right information in order to keep their pets happy and healthy.

Luckily, there are plenty of free resources online and you'll find them on these blogs and sites:

1. The Conscious Cat

This blog has all the information you need in order to keep your cat happy - along with some cute pictures!

2. HerePup

If you love dog news and stories, this blog will satisfy all of your needs with the entertaining content it shares.

3. Pawcurious

This is a blog from a doctor who loves offering tips on various topics - from cooking to grooming.

4. Tenacious Little Terrier

For all dog-related questions on possible dog actions, consult this site.

5. Take Paws: Go Pet Friendly

This is a blog for everything you need to know about dog travel, safety and health.

6. Fidose of Reality

For physical and emotional well-being of your dog, look up this site and it will help you with all of your questions.

7. Come Wag Along

This is a blog about dog fashion and all of the pretty things your furry friend can wear.

8. Carma Poodale

If you have a dog and kids, your life could be hectic but this blog proves that it's possible.

9. Golden Woofs

For all golden retrievers lovers, this blog provides a lot of useful information on their health and maintenance.

10. Dakota's Den

With fun giveaways and useful advice, this site is bound to impress you.

11. The Jet Set Pets

This blog owner is also a pet lover and she shares amazing tips on dog care.

12. Crusoe The Celebrity Dachshund

Crusoe is a traveling dog that has seen the world and his parents love writing about it.

13. Famous Chihuahua

This is a blog on all things Chihuahua and you'll love it almost as much as you love your little dog.

14. Cat Wisdom 101

As an owner of four cats, this blogger is more than qualified to deliver tips and advice.

15. Happy Tails

A website that brings you heartwarming stories with happy endings.

16. Two French Bulldogs

Visit this blog if you want to know all about two lovely French bulldogs and their lives in California.

17. Slim Doggy

This blog is all about maintaining dog health and keeping them active, just like the name says.

18. All Thing Dog Blog

This blogger wants to remind the pet owners that living with a dog is all fun and play.

19. Heart Like A Dog

A special blog from a pet owner who wants to live, love and learn from her pets

20. Irresistible Pets

This is a blog full of useful ideas on how to make your pet even happier.

21. Champion of My Heart

A loving blog about two pups, this one will serve as your personal guide through all things dog related.

22. The Furrtographer

For heart melting photos of rescue cats and dogs, visit this amazing blog.

23. Bodie on The Road

Owner of this blog is determined to show that travelling with a dog can be fun and amazing.

24. Pupstyle

If you are interested in celebrity dogs and fashion, look up this blog and you won't be disappointed.

25. Rubicon Days

This is the perfect blog for pet owners who have difficult pets and need some help with handling them.

26. Eileen and Dogs

If you want some excellent dog maintaining tips plus cute pictures, visit this great blog.

27. Cute Overload

To be delighted by lovely pictures of pets, visit this enchanting blog.

28. Natural Dog Training

With a ton of helpful content, this blog offers tips on dog training and health.

29. Keep The Tail Wagging

Just like the very title of this blog says, their main  goal is to maintain happiness with dogs.

30. The Modern Dog Trainer

This is a blog from a trainer looking to share their knowledge on training with other trainers.

31. The Other End Of The Leash

This blogger shares about her experience with dogs - and she has a lot of it.

32. Pet Healthcare

Online pet magazine aimed at the first-time pet owner and for people who need to find products and services related to pet ownership.

33. Montecristo Travels

A dog traveling blog and a tip provider, this blog will amaze you with the wealth of information they offer.

34. Love Meow

This blog will give you enough information to help you raise a happy and healthy cat.

35. Hauspanther

This blog is written by a cat lover for all cat lovers and if you own felines, you will love it.

36. Wag The Dog

Considered to be one of the best dog blogs ever, it features travelling tips and cute anecdotes from one dog's life.

37. Tales and Tails

This lovely blog is the reason many dogs have been rescued.

38. I Have Cat

From a single, NYC girl, this blog tells the tales of a life full of love for cats.

39. Life With Cats

Publishing around 20 posts a week, this blog will keep you satisfied on cat related content.

40. Canis Bonus

This is one of the bets blogs you can read if you are looking for facts and concrete tips on living with dogs.

41. ARRO Make-Overs

A group of individuals aiming to build animal shelters in places where they are needed most around the world.

42. It's Dog Or Nothing

This is the perfect blog for all dog lovers but especially those who love big breeds.

43. Upside down Dog

This is one of the most popular pet blogs - it's even been on TV and popular talk shows.

44. My GBGV Life

As a blog about a dog who is a world traveler, this one will give you a lot of useful travel tips and product recommendations.

45. Pretty Fluffy

This is a blog about dogs and pretty things which go perfectly well together.

46. My Dog Likes

This is a fun and entertaining blog full of useful tips.

47. Manny the Frenchie

The goal of this website is to help animals by enlightening people on the benefits of getting a rescue dog.

48. Wag'n'Woof Pets

Written by a loving pet owner, this blog will surely make you love your pet even more.

49. My Pitbull Friend

Tune in for fun and relatable stories about a girl and her lovely pet.

50. Modern Cat Magazine

This is the ultimate guide to all things cat related.



If you are a pet owner who loves reading and learning about pets, you'll find a great resource among these blogs and sites. The owners are all dedicated and knowledgeable on the subject along with being entertaining to read and watch. Have fun!

Freddie Tubbs is a lifestyle writer and editor at Ukwritings. He also works as a part-time blog proof-reader at Boomessays, and contributes his columns to Essay Roo blog. 

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