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Pet Insurance Application PawPaw Pet Insurance







Dog R284pm  |   Cat R198pm

Dog R3408     |    Cat R2376.00

Overall Policy Annual Limit (Illness & accident)

R 50, 000 per policy year

Age Limitation at inception

8 weeks – 8 years


Standard excess: 15% with a minimum of R250.00 per claim

Gastro related conditions: 15% with a minimum of R500.00 per claim

Waiting periods

General Waiting Period – 30 days from start date of policy. Accidental injuries covered from date of inception.

Condition specific:

6 month waiting period from inception of the policy for all treatments, diagnostics and surgeries for:

Lameness and/or limping resulting from hips, knees, elbows, shoulders and/or spinal conditions;

Ectropian, Entropian and Cherry eye;

Elongated soft palate and stenotic nares; and

Urinary bladder stones and Urinary bladder conditions.

Important: If any symptoms manifest in, or are treated in the waiting period, a full exclusion will be placed on the policy.


P.uma will place a full exclusion for Pyometra and Cryptorchid [diagnostics, treatment and surgery] if the pet has not been sterilized. P.uma encourages responsible pet ownership and advocate sterilising your pets to avoid these avoidable health complications.

Chronic Medication

(Diagnostics to manage or maintain the chronic condition are not subject to these limits, but must be pre-authorised separately to be covered under the annual limit.)

A chronic condition is one that lasts 3 months or more. Chronic diseases are in contrast to those that are acute (abrupt, sharp, and brief) or subacute (within the interval between acute and chronic). Chronic treatment plans may be purchased at an additional premium as a complement to this insurance plan.

Chronic plans are available in the following packages [medication cost only]:

For an additional premium of R100.00 pm, you will receive a chronic benefit of R300.00 pm, or

For an additional premium of R200.00 pm, you will receive a chronic benefit of R400.00 pm, or

For an additional premium of R300.00 pm, you will receive a chronic benefit of R500.00 pm.

Lifestyle benefits

One annual check up: Policy holders can now enjoy the benefit of an annual check on their pet.  PawPaw Pet Insurance will reimburse up to R600 per policy year for an annual check up 
(Vaccinations/deworming and sterilisations is excluded from this benefit)

- Or - 

Puppy socialization classes: PawPaw Pet Insurance will reimburse up to R600 per policy year for puppy socialization or behavioural classes.


Cremation benefit: PawPaw Pet Insurance will reimburse the cost of, limited to R1000 in the event of a cremation claim.

Additional benefits

No Breed related conditions excluded

No Sub Limits

Our Claims are processed within 72 hours and payments are paid to the vet or the policyholder as required

Pre-authorisations (for non-emergency treatments) ensure that there are no unexpected shortfalls (should you not obtain pre-approval, your excess will be increased to 20%, with a minimum of R500.00 per claim for each claim not pre-approved.)

What’s covered

Treatment for acute Illness and injury, this includes:



Diagnostic investigations




Chronic cover – with pre-authorisation and clinical treatment protocol. Additional premium and monthly subsidy is applicable

Hereditary Conditions cover – provided it’s not pre-existing.

Supportive Rehabilitation (post surgery only) – subject to pre-approval and treatment protocols.

What’s not covered

Pre-existing conditions as well as any conditions that arise during any waiting period/ condition specific waiting period.

Boarding Kennels and Catteries

Routine Care (de-worming, vaccinations, grooming, flea/tick treatment, prescription diets, etc)

Fertility & breeding (such as sterilization, artificial insemination and injuries resulting from breeding, birthing and birthing Complications)

Complementary Treatments/alternative treatments e.g. Homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic treatments, etc.





R120  per pet

R1440 per pet

Accident Cover Annual Limit

R20, 000 per policy year


All claims will carry 15% excess, with a minimum of R250.00 per claim

Age Limitation at inception

8 years and over

Waiting periods

Waiting Period – NO WAITING PERIOD!

What’s covered

Motor vehicle accident

A burn or electrocution

A fall from an elevated position

A near drowning

The actions of another animal

A swallowed or embedded foreign object requiring surgical or endoscopic removal

A snake bite

An allergic reaction to an insect bite other than tick or flea bites.

Biliary (tick bite fever /bosluiskoors) is covered as an accident.



A fractured bone.

A traumatic ligament or tendon injury

Lacerations, abrasions or wounds

A gastric torsion (Gastric dilation volvulus)

* To be covered as an accidental injury, any diagnosis must be made within 48 hours of the time of the accident.

What’s not covered

Any sickness, disease, infection or any change in a pets health which is not caused by an accidental injury

Any invoices submitted more than 60 days after the date of last treatment.

The costs for any treatments for injuries incurred outside of the Republic of South Africa.

Any treatment by person/s not registered with the South African Veterinary Council.

Any allergic reaction to a vaccine or medication.

Any surgical items that can be used more than once. These are non-chargeable items.

The costs of any prosthesis, implants or transplantation

Any injury caused by negligence. P.UMA will report all abuse to the S.P.C.A.



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