Dogma Dog bowls prevents Bloat

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Dogma Dog bowls

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The Sponsor for today is Dogma Dog Bowls -  Friday 30 August 2013

Prizes: 2 lucky readers will each receive a Dogma Food Bowl & a Dogma Water Bowl

Question: What could happen when a dog eats its food too fast?

To enter please answer the above question, - in the comments section below - & remember to LIKE the competition post on our Facebook page.


The DOGMA Slow Feed Bowl is the best quality dog bowl on the market!

  • Does your dog gobble down it's food in a flash?
  • Does your dog suffer from hick-ups, a tendency to bloat, laryngeal spasm, gagging, coughing etc.?

These all pose potential health risks and digestive problems. Gastric torsion (swallowing air whilst eating, resulting in the stomach twisting along its own axis), presents as a veterianary emergency and is often fatal.  See the article we wrote on this subject here.

How should you be feeding your dog?
Dogs should preferably be fed their daily allowance in divided meals ie. twice a day. This does not mean two full meals a day, it means their daily allowance should be spread over 2 meals.  Dogs with digestive problems, 3 to 4 times a day,as recommended by your vet. The DOGMA slow feed bowl was designed to prolong a dog´s eating period.  Note: This bowl is not the only actions one can take that contributes to preventing BLOAT , but it is one of the many actions one can take to assist in the prevention of BLOAT.

The Dogma Food & Water bowl features:

  • Non toxic (food grade)
  • Durable (you can drive your car over it, it will not brake)
  • Various colours
  • No food bowl allergy
  • Non Slip
  • 1.2 Litre capacity
  • 670g of kibbles capacity
  • One size fits all (mainly aimed at larger breed dogs, but all sizes can eat from this bowl)
  • Veterinary recommended
  • Easily Cleanable

The creator of these unique bowls, Malaika Lenz is a German trained holistic vet and has been working in a veterinary clinic in Munich for 6 years. Most of her life she has been involved in animal rescue work - and is passionate about the well-being of animals, our environment and our planet. It is with this passion that she spent much time in researching and developing products for the South African market which are durable, affordable and are beneficial for your pets.

All DOGMA products are manufactured in accordance with her stern code of ethics, from inception to the final product. Every step of the production is supervised by herself using the best and most ecofriendly materials available – no shortcuts!


Together with the Dogma Dogfood we will not forget to mention that you also get the special Dogma Water Bowl based on the holistic principals of Dr Masaru Emolo and the practice of using good energy to cleanse water.  These holistic stone bowls are designed to cleanse the blood and detox the kidneys and liver. They are all very special stones collect from rivers all over Southern Africa and then placed in a sealed saline solution into the bowl.  This concept is used worldwide for human health too.

The team did a home test on one of our pets who fits the description of a large breed that could eat his food slower. 

This was our observation:

The tester dog does not generally gulp his food down, but the bowl sure did slow him down by 1 minute and 15 seconds, at least.

This product can also be found at most vets or you can find them online at and the recommended retail price is R150 for the food bowl and R190 for the water bowl.

Would you like to own one of the Dogma Bowls? 

Question for today: What could happen when a dog eats its food too fast?

To enter please answer the above question, - in the comments section below - & remember to LIKE the competition post on our Facebook page.


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