Seven Habits of Highly effective people and how to use it in your Pet Business

Im a huge fan of Steven R Covey’s books and this one has by far stood out for me as a basis in everything I do in life.  I would like to share with you the summary how you can benefit your Pet Business by making use of these techniques and hopefully let them become habits within you too.

For something to become a habit within you, you need to not only think and know about it, but you need to do it over and over again.  Once it has become a habit, this is when change starts to occur.

A habit is the overlapping of

  • What to do (or knowledge)
  • How to do (or skill)
  • And why to do / want to do (or attitude)
  • Once you have combined all three these skills successfully, you will be able to form a habit.

Here is a summary of the 7 habits of highly effective people :

Habit 1 : Be Proactive

Take control of everything that happens to you in your Pet Business. Take ownership of every situation.  If life has thrown you a few lemons, its because you have asked for the lemons.  Its your responsibility to stop asking for lemons and start asking for lemonade.  The power of your mind is powerful beyond words.  Make use of this strength and benefit from the actions that you take to improve your life and your business.

Do not focus on the negative as this is what you will draw more and more closer into your life.  Focus on where you want to go and take action to go there. Proactive people focus on the positive and drive their business forward with great success.  You have the power to make your business a success.

Habit 2 : Begin with the end in mind

So you have started a Pet Business with great enthusiasm and used up probably most of your savings.  Now it is time to get a return on your investment. Why did you start this business?  What is the ultimate outcome that you wish to achieve from your Pet Business?  This habit teaches you to imagine and dream of the perfect future business - the return that you wanted for your investment.  When you get in your car and drive to a location, you follow a route to get there.  In your mind you know exactly how you are going to get there.  And you get there!  This is exactly what you need to do here, you need to plan in your mind the perfect outcome of your dream business and then you must BE PROACTIVE and follow the plan to get there.  This habit should be your Mission Statement for your Pet Business.

Habit 3 : Put First Things First

Oh dear, are we all guilty of not doing this!  You have so much work to do, but you will first sit on Facebook and Twitter, and before you know it 2 hours have flown by.  Stop right away!  Decide what is most important for your day and make it happen.  Know the difference between urgent and important. Write down your most important things to do for your Pet Business each day, and then do them.  By doing this the urgency of most of the other matters in your business will fall away.  Facebook posts and emails might seem urgent, but focus on the goals that you have set for your business WITH THE END IN MIND and BE PROACTIVE to do those important tasks first.  You are guaranteed to will feel great at the end of your day.

Habit 4 : Think Win-Win

I have always loved working this way.  I believe that if both parties in my Pet Business do not benefit, then it’s pointless to even bother working on the project.  This is a frame of mind that seeks mutual benefit in all human interactions.  You love the animals, but don’t forget it’s the human that is going to be coming back to do business with you.  To achieve the balance between courage (being a strong, focussed business owner) and consideration (to be kind and empathic) is the essence of a mature mind and the only route to a win-win working relationship.

Habit 5 : Seek first to understand and then to be understood

To build trust in a (business) relationship one needs to feel that the other person (ie. your clients) understands you.  The only problem is that we as humans prefer for others understand us, rather than trying to understand others (our clients) first.  Trust is built when your clients in your pet business feel that you understand them and not the other way around.  The best way to achieve success with the 5th habit to understand, is to listen carefully what your clients needs are first.

To put it simply, synergy means "two heads are better than one." Synergize is the habit of creative cooperation. It is teamwork, open-mindedness, and the adventure of finding new solutions to old problems. Can you make a success of your Pet Business on your own?  Bring in a new party or get your team together and start to build on new ideas.  Have the COURAGE to take your Pet Business to a new level by adding fresh ideas.  Often we mistake our own ideas as the best there is.  One word--boring! Differences should be seen as strengths, not weaknesses.

Keep your body and mind strong to endure all the challenges you have to face in your life.  Take time out from your Pet Business to renew the most important part of the business, YOU.  Eat healthy, train hard, rest well, meet up with friends and family, learn a new skill or improve on your current skills and grow your spirituality.  Every single day is an opportunity to be a better you.


To conclude: Be proactive and follow your plan of success. Take ownership of the state of your Pet Business and always do the most important things first, every day.  Ensure that your Pet Business does not just benefit you or just your clients, it has to be a win-win all the way, always.  Understand the needs of your clients and staff, and built a team spirit to keep your Pet Business fresh with fun ideas.  And then finally take care of yourself, we need you.  Without you your Pet Business will not exist.

Going forward, to ensure you develop these 7 habits, you have do the following 3 things:

  1. Work with your mind to think deeply in sustained ways.
  2. Teach what you have learnt.  You learn better when you teach and it gives you commitment to your own motivation and learn the habits.
  3. Take Action. Apply this information to your life.

Please remember to join us to List Your Pet Business today.  We would love to have you on board and see your Pet Business grow.  Wishing you and your Pet Business all the success. 

By Juanita Aitkenhead

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