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Country: South Africa
Province: Gauteng
City / Town: Randburg
Street Address: Randburg and surrounding areas.
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Service Type Animal Training Service
Brief description of service Dog Behaviourist (basic & advanced canine ethology). Problem behaviour resolution. Training. Consultations:

Untreated behavioural problems unfortunately usually worsen over time, and many times additional unwanted behaviours eventually develop.

By understanding the causes for your dogs behaviour, and implementing the correct treatment plan, he or she can be helped to overcome the unwanted behaviours.

Consultations are done at your home and last for around one hour.

Leash-walk training and basic commands training: I will show you how to effectively handle your dog whether it be to walk without pulling on the leash or to respond to basic commands.

Training classes are also done at your home.

I also offer Pet sitting and care while you’re away: Our pets usually become stressed and confused when having to spend time in a foreign environment, and without us or much other familiarity.

Its therefor best to have them cared for at home, in their usual environments, with familiar routines and in the way to which they are used to.
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Cost for Canine Companion - Subject to Change
R650 per consultation, all inclusive. R450 per training session, all inclusive.
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Phone: 082 952 4958
Cell phone: 082 952 4958
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