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Country: South Africa
Province: Western Cape
City / Town: Cape Town
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Service Type Animal Training Service
Brief description of service Obedience and protection dog training for the real world.
Our classes are based on the dog’s ability and not age. Progress is dictated by the student’s efforts not the course duration. Classes are kept small to allow for more effective handler coaching.

Alpha Dog Academy is committed to assisting our clients throughout the process of raising their dog from enrollment to graduation and offers the services listed below without any additional charge.

A detailed interview with the client to assess specific requirements
Advice on: Breed choice / Puppy selection / House training and initial preparatory conditioning
Training scenarios at the client’s home during intermediate and advanced stages

Although every effort will be made to accommodate reactive dogs, Alpha Dog Academy is a training school and we do not offer behaviour modification. Should you have specific issues we recommend you seek the advice of a trained animal behaviourist.
Our Services cater for Dogs
Cost for Alpha Dog Academy - Subject to Change
R250 for 4 x 45 minute group classes. One per week.
R400 for 4 x 45 minute private classes. One per week.
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Cell phone: 0763391948
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