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Country: South Africa
Province: Gauteng
City / Town: Edenvale
Street Address: Johannesburg
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Service Type Animal Welfare Organisation or Animal Shelter
Brief description of service Parrot Behaviour Specialist
Brainy Bird Rescue believes Pet Birds actually DO NOT deserve to be stuck in jails! And do NOT have to live in cages all day.
Realizing the need for correct parrot care and education of these awesome feathered friends, seeing the desperate cases of neglect and abandonments, is how Brainy Birds was Hatched !!
At Brainy Birds we are dedicated to the well-being of all species of companion parrots. We are a small organization. Our Parrot rescue facility is equipped to handle a few parrots at any given time including those with special needs.
We support them mentally, physically and provide them with lots of freedom, excellent food, foraging material and lots of mental stimulation; they live in a beautiful garden with lots of climbing and open areas to enjoy their lives as birds. We have them tested for diseases and checked out by our Avian Vets regularly.
We specialize in working with larger Parrots such as Macaws, Cockatoos, African Greys, & Amazons but have experience working with nearly every species of parrot kept in captivity, which includes many of the smaller species such as Cockatiels, Conures, Lories, Lovebirds, Parrotlets, & other small hookbills.
It is of utmost importance to us that each Parrot who comes through our doors and is rehabilitated and ready, to eventually find a loving home where he or she will be given the individual attention needed to maintain a happy & healthy life.
Pet parrots are kept all over the word & every one of them relies on their owners to give them the care they need to thrive. Education of these magnificent creatures is essential & we make it our goal to be readily available to offer our knowledge or services whenever needed. If we can help you to take better care of your bird or if you need us to care for your bird because you cannot, we are honoured to do our part.
Each bird that comes to our Parrot rescue facility becomes part of us & we want our friends to feel like they are part of the flock too, whether you are interested in surrendering, adopting, volunteering, want to learn, or are just plain into parrots.
Please feel free to inquire about setting up Brainy Bird educational seminars at schools and events so that the public can benefit from what we have learned.
At Brainy Birds we give our time, energy and love to both you and your Parrot to help you both with effective training and mentorship. Some of our Parrot training services include:
•How to potty train your Parrot
•Have fun while getting to know your Parrot
•How to stop your Parrot from biting and Screaming
•Taming your Parrot to become independent and loving
•How to shower (bath) your Parrot
•Understanding your Parrot
•Make your own easy Toys for your Parrot
•Feeding, teaching natural foraging ways, and general Parrot care.

Our Services cater for Birds
Welfare organisation wishlist Our wishlist might change from time to time, but we are in need of the following:
Brainy Birds Rescue's sole purpose is to provide care and love for homeless and special needs parrots. The sanctuary is located in the founders home and we have 30 parrots, cockatoos, amazons, greys and macaws (and smaller species). We rely solely on volunteers and generous donations to keep running.

Paper towels
Platform perches
Toys – Boings and round swings
Perches – natural wood - like Sekelbos and different sizes
“A variety of perches are very important for the birds. These mimic natural branches with different sizes and shapes keeping little and big feet happy and healthy!”
Air Filters
“Cockatoos produce a white dander that gets into the air and can be potentially harmful to the other birds. We keep all the cockatoos in one room, but due to the sanctuary being in a residence there is limited space. Air filters are essential to keep everyone healthy.”
“Bells are a favourite in our flock
Blankets to cover cages
Plastic ties to hang goods and tie stuff up with
We are willing to collect if you are in the area, or you can arrange delivery for us at our rescue
Cost for Brainy Birds Rescue and Rehabilitation - Subject to Change
Depending on the area we have to travel to, we charge a hourly rate of R300.00 to do a consultation.
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Phone: 0794265572
Cell phone: 0794265572
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