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Country: South Africa
Province: Gauteng
City / Town: Randburg
Street Address: Unit 7, 6 Burke Street, Randburg
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Service Type Pet Clothing & Accessories Supplier
Brief description of service Proud Pup inflatable dog collar replaces the dreadful cone of shame and gives your doggie their dignity back.

After abdominal surgery or injuries, this collar helps your pet recover without the trauma of the traditional plastic cone.

Pets have unimpaired vision of their surroundings, they don't bump into everything, they are able to eat and drink normally and even sleep comfortably.
Our Services cater for Dogs
Cost for Proud Pup - Subject to Change
Extra small - R160.00
Small - R170.00
Medium - R190.00
Large - R220.00
Extra large - R245.00
Wholesale pricing available to vets, pet stores and rescue shelters.
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Phone: 0861003124
Cell phone: 0615417744
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