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Country: South Africa
Province: Eastern Cape
City / Town: Graaff Reinet
Street Address: 2 Bresler Street
Directions: Graaff-Reinet

-32.251621, 24.534851
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Service Type Pet Food Supplier
Brief description of service Our Vision: "We want to be the local pet food brand of choice for South African pet owners and pets – chosen for our exceptional quality and value, as well as our reputation for influencing and facilitating positive change, not only in the communities in which we operate our business, but South Africa as well."

Full of wholesome goodness, Montego Pet Nutrition products are prepared according to premium formulations developed by expert animal nutritionists. Made from only the finest ingredients. Montego products are packed full of vitamins and trace elements to give your pet a nutritious, easily digestible food.

A pet’s diet needs to be suited to the climate they live in. South Africa’s higher temperatures mean that our pets require less fat for energy so we’ve tailored each product range to our very specific conditions. Our distinctly South African formulations ensure that your pets get everything they need, in exactly the right amounts. We don’t add unnecessary extras or circumstantially superfluous ingredients that push your cost up – as can happen with imported products.

Balanced with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for a healthy skin and coat, Montego products will not only improve performance and appearance, but also increase longevity and quality of life. Montego Pet Nutrition will ensure your pet gets a complete and balanced nutritional diet, specifically geared towards its needs for great vitality and better day-to-day health.

Montego Pet Nutrition offer various product ranges namely: Monty & Me: Puppy and Adult. Montego Classic: Puppy, Adult, Senior, Cat, Kitten & Treats. Montego Karoo: Puppy & Adult.
Our Services cater for Dogs, Cats
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Phone: 049 891 0825
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