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Country: South Africa
Province: Western Cape
City / Town: Cape Town
Street Address: 8 Albertyn Rd, Muizenberg, Cape Town
Directions: From Main Rd Muizenberg: Turn into Albertyn Rd. We are on the corner of Albertyn and Clevedon Rd. Entrance is in Clevedon Rd
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Service Type Pet Food Supplier
Brief description of service "Give a Dog a Bone" dog food and "Cat of the Day" cat food.are our ready-mixed meals for dogs and cats, each available in a variety of flavours. All our meals our made from fresh produce which is fit for human consumption.  We only use free-range chicken, and wherever possible we use organic ingredients.  Our meals contain the correct proportions of meat, bone, offal, vegetables, fruit, herbs and supplements recommended by the natural diet specialists We do not use any cereals or grains.  The fresh food is minced and packaged as frozen meals in 1kg or 500g re-sealable bags.  Careful research has allowed us to ensure that these meals are balanced according to your pets needs.  They are also very tasty and easy to serve
Our Services cater for Dogs, Cats
Cost for As Nature Intended - Subject to Change
We supply our food directly from our kitchen to you. In this way we are able to give you the best quality ingredients at affordable prices.
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Phone: 0217887186
Cell phone: 0822683162
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