Average Veterinary Fees in South Africa

In today’s post, we will be exploring the average veterinary fees in South Africa. Being a pet owner can have a significant influence on your finances and budget. Just like humans, our pets also require medical assistance from time to time, whether it is health or injury-related. It is better to be prepared and know what to expect in case of an emergency.

What are the Running Costs of a Veterinary Practice?

Understanding just how considerably high the costs are to set up a veterinary practice, it is no wonder that their monthly running costs for medical products average between R300 000 and R450 000. The expenses above exclude earnings and other business expenditures, making running a veterinary practice a very costly business to own and or operate. In addition, most of the products get imported and are reliant on the Rand-Dollar exchange rate. The most noteworthy part one needs to keep in mind is that veterinary practices, clinics, and hospitals are a 'one-stop shop' for our pets. With this comes a tremendous amount of studying and training to be competent to care for our animals.  

It now makes it easier to understand and justify
precisely why owning a pet can become
incredibly costly in the event of an illness or injury.

Will Pet Insurance Cover Veterinary Fees?

Not all pet owners are fortunate enough to cover unexpected veterinary bills out of pocket. Veterinary bills can be costly, and in many cases, pet owners must put their beloved pets to sleep because they simply don’t have the means to pay for hefty veterinary bills. There is a less expensive way to pay for your pet’s care with pet insurance. By paying a monthly fee, you ensure your pet gets the health care it deserves when the time comes. Your pet will be covered for veterinary visits, healthcare fees, routine check-ups, accident cover, and sometimes even kennel fees.  They key however is to get your pet covered before illness or injury occurs.  Let's talk about the average fees for veterinary treatments that you can expect to pay in 2022.

Average Cost of Veterinary Fees in South Africa

  • Deworming and sterilisation – R2500.00+
  • Vaccinations – Plus-minus R500 per round, or more
  • Flea and tick control – Plus-minus R500
  • Repairing a broken leg – Can be anything from R15 000 and more
  • Cataract surgery – Around R20 000 or more
  • X-Rays – R700 or more, depending on the area on the body
  • Subsequent X-rays – About R400
  • Neutering female cat – R1 350+
  • Neutering male cat – R750+
  • Neutering female dog – R4000+ (depending on the size and age of your pet)
  • Neutering male dog – R1200-R2500 (depending on the size and age of your pet)
  • Annual check-up – R700
  • Standard consultation fee – R350 to R550 depending on the area in South Africa you reside in.
  • Blood tests – R700 to R900, or more
  • Antibiotics – Between R50 and R500+ (depending on the type of antibiotics needed)
  • Hospitalisation – Between R200 and R300, or more per day
  • Cremation fee – Between R600 and R2000, or more

If the unexpected happens and your dog or cat is hit by a car, it can potentially cost R40 000 (or more) in veterinary bills to save his or her life.


Pet Vaccinations

While the NSPCA sometimes has vaccination drives, it usually applies to pet owners with disposable income. For those earning above a certain income bracket, fees are payable at your local NSPCA branch. The cost of vaccinating your kitten or puppy can cost anything between R200 to R500 per round, sometimes more. It is essential to vaccinate your pet against diseases like rabies or Parvo since the financial implications of treating these diseases can be significant, not to mention the emotional toll on you from potentially losing your pet.

Veterinary Care For Pets

Any injury or illness that might befall your cat can end up costing in the region of hundreds of rands, sometimes thousands. Things like X-rays, antibiotics, pain medication, follow-up care, etc. all add up, and before you know it you are stuck with a hefty veterinary bill. Older pets can be affected by chronic illnesses that must be managed. The last thing you want is for your pet to suffer unnecessarily.


These are typical average veterinary fees in South Africa.  Based on the information shared, you are far better off having pet insurance cover your pet, which will give you peace of mind that if illness or injury occurs, you are financially protected to provide them with the medical care they need.  Pet ownership is a lifelong devotion.  And in return, you will gain unconditional love and loyalty from your four-legged family member.

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