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Canine Topics

Allergies, Autoimmune diseases,  Back and spinal diseases,  Cancer,  Canine pemphigus,  Cardiac diseases,  Degenerative Myelopathy,  Diabetes,  Epilepsy,  Eye ailments: entropion eye, cherry eye, etc.  One article per condition. Gastrointestinal disorders, Hip and elbow dysplasia,  Hyperthermia (over-heating),  Hypothyroidism,  Loss of mobility and a decreased lifespan,  Musculoskeletal problems, pain, weakness, stiffness, joint noises, and reduced range of motion. Patellar luxation,  Skin issues,  Thyroid problems,  Viruses: parvovirus - Covids -  Norovirus - etc.  One article per virus pls. Von Willebrand’s Disease: - which is a bleeding syndrome similar to Haemophilia in humans,  Zoonosis diseases: one article per condition.
Feline Topics
Feline Vomiting. Vomiting is a prevalent problem with cats with a multitude of causes,  Feline Lower Urinary Tract Diseases (FLUTD),  Fleas,  Worms, Tapeworms, etc, Feline Diarrhoea causes,  Feline Eye Problems,  Feline behaviour problems,  Feline Leukaemia Virus,  High-Rise Syndrome,  Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV),  Signs your cat is sick,  Abdomen - Painful ,  Abdomen - Swollen ,  Anorexia,  Bad Breath,  Blood in Stool ,  Blood in Urine ,  Breathing - Abnormal,  Chewing or Licking Skin,  Choking ,  Compulsive Grooming ,  Constipation ,  Coughing,  Defecation - Straining,  Dehydration,  diarrhoea,  Disoriented,  Drooling,  Ears - Discharge ,  Ears - Scratching   Ears - Swollen,  Eating - Refusal to Eat,  Eating - Regurgitation,  Eyes - Discharge,  Eyes - Red   Eyes - Squinting ,  Eyes - Tear Staining ,  Eyes - Third Eyelid,  Face – Swollen, Fever,  Gagging, Gas,  Hair Loss,  Hairballs,   Head - Swollen ,  Head Shaking,  Incontinence - Urinary,  Itching and Scratching,  Licking and Chewing Skin,  Limping and Lameness,  Lumps, Bumps, Growths,  Mouth - Bad Breath,  Mouth - Difficulty Swallowing,  Mouth - Sore,  Nose - Bleeding,  Nose - Discharge,  Paralysis,  Poisoning,  Purring,  Regurgitation,  Scratching and Itching,  Seizures,  Shedding,  Skin - Itching and Scratching ,  Skin - Licking and Chewing ,  Skin - Oozing,  Sneezing,  Stool - Bloody,  Stool - Loose,  Stool - Painful,  Swollen Head,  Urinary Incontinence,  Urination - Frequent,  Urination - Outside,  Urination - Painful ,  Urination - Straining,  Vomiting,  Watery Eye,  Weight Loss.


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