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Pet Insurance Application PawPaw Pet Insurance

  1. What is pet health insurance?
    Pet health insurance helps to pay for veterinary care when a pet dog or cat becomes ill or is injured. This provides you with peace of mind and helps you avoid having to make tough financial decisions about your pet’s health.
  2. Why do I need PawPaw pet health insurance?
     While your pet might be healthy today, there is no way to predict what might happen in the future. With PawPaw Pet Health Insurance, you’ll be able to make sure that your pet has access to the best care possible in the event of an illness or accident, without having to make heart-breaking choices based on finances.
  3. What does PawPaw Pet Health Care Insurance cover?
    PawPaw Pet Health Insurance covers up to 90% of the veterinary bills for any unexpected illness or injury that your pet may suffer. As with any insurance, it is very important that you take the time to read the PawPaw policy terms and conditions before signing on and we encourage every prospective client to do so. The PawPaw policy document is a short, one page document written in clear concise language with no fine print or complicated clauses. If you have any questions please feel free to ask by email or phone on 021 531 5882.
  4. How much does it cost?
    The premium for PawPaw Pet Health Insurance is from R107.00 for Accidental Cover to R 255.00 for dogs and R 178.00 for cats Full Cover. (1 June 2018 - 31 May 2019)
    • Unlike many other pet insurers, PawPaw Pet Health Insurance does not rate premiums based on breed or age.
    • Premium inclusive of VAT, Commission and Fees.
  5. At what age can my pet join?
    Any dog or cat over the age of 8 weeks and under the age of 8 years may join PawPaw .
  6. Does my pet have to be micro-chipped or tattooed for cover?
    No. We do not require that pets be micro-chipped or tattooed.
  7. Does my pet have to be spayed for cover?
    No. Spaying is recommended for all dog and cat owners, however we do not exclude unspayed pets from cover nor do we charge any extra premium for unspayed pets.
  8. What are pre-existing conditions?
    Pre-existing conditions are any illness or condition that showed symptoms prior to joining the insurance or which show symptoms during the first month policy waiting period. A pre-existing condition can also be an injury or recurrence of an injury that occurred before signing onto the insurance. Some pre-existing conditions may be subject to specific waiting period or be excluded from cover. When signing up, you will see that the application form has a few questions regarding your pets medical history. You should be completely honest when answering these questions. Knowingly misleading the insurance company about your pet's previous problems is considered fraud and could result in your policy being cancelled and claims not being paid. After receiving your application, PawPaw Pet Health Insurance will inform you of any exclusion your pet may have in writing allowing you to make an informed decision regarding your pets insurance.
  9. How do you know if a condition is pre-existing for a recently adopted pet?
    In the case where the pet’s history is unknown, we may ask for a veterinary check-up prior to acceptance. In this case the veterinary consultation will be for your account.
  10. When does my cover begin? Are there waiting periods?
    Cover begins on the first calendar month after sign-up. Cover for emergencies are immediate. There is a one month waiting period for all illnesses. This waiting period does not apply to treatments required due to emergencies.
  11. Do you offer lifelong cover after a pet has been accepted and the pet goes over the covered age limit?
    Yes. As long as your premiums are paid every month your pet will continue to enjoy full cover for its entire life.
  12. Are there ANNUAL LIMITS to how much is paid for treatments?
    PawPaw has no limits or sub limits on specific conditions. All non-emergency treatments need to be preauthorised by PawPaw .
  13. Will a condition ever be considered pre-existing due to policy renewals?
    No. Your pet's policy will continue to renew each month so long as your premiums are paid. We consider this to be continuous cover and we do not exclude conditions from year to year.
  14. Do you offer a multiple pet discount?
    No. Rather than raising our premium and offering various discounts, PawPaw Pet Health Insurance offers all its customers the same affordable premium.
  15. Does my pet’s age or breed affect the premium I will have to pay?
    No. We do not feel it is fair to penalise people for their particular choice of dog or cat.
  16. What are hereditary conditions?
    Hereditary and congenital conditions are diseases or disorders that are inherited genetically. Certain breeds of dogs and cats are prone to specific conditions.
  17. Are hereditary and breed related conditions covered?
    PawPaw Pet Health Insurance covers hereditary conditions. As long as your pet hasn’t been diagnosed with the condition, or isn't showing symptoms of the condition before sign-on or within the 30 day illness waiting period, cover will be available.
  18. Are age related illnesses and medications covered?
    Yes. As long as you pay your premiums, your pet will continue to be covered.
  19. Do you cover prescription medications?
    Yes. Coverage for prescriptions is included, provided that they have been prescribed by the treating veterinarian as treatment for an illness or accident and the illness or accident is not a pre-existing condition. Vitamins and heartworm/flea and tick preventives and other medication related to routine care is not covered. If your pet requires on-going medication for more three months, the medication may be deemed to be chronic and subject to clinical treatment protocols.
  20. Does your insurance offer procedures such as wellness exams, vaccinations and deworming, grooming and tic and flea preventions?
    PawPaw Pet Health Insurance does not cover routine care. Our policy is designed to give you protection against unexpected vet bills for the best possible price. Because routine care, such as wellness check-ups, vaccinations and deworming, are all costs that all pet owners can plan and budget for, PawPaw does not offer coverage for routine care. Our data shows us that scheduled treatments can inflate premiums and represent poor value for money. Coverage for routine care can often come at the expense of coverage for hereditary conditions, or even unexpected accidents. At PawPaw we are committed to providing the best possible care for your pet when it matters most.
  21. Do you cover dental care?
    We do cover the cost of extractions of damaged teeth and of reconstruction of upper and lower canine teeth if the result of an accident. However we are unable to cover other dental treatment. If we were to cover every insured pets dental care we would have to charge a lot more for premium. Dental hygiene treatments are part of the routine care that every pet requires.
  22. Do you cover cruciate surgeries?
    Yes, as long as it was not a pre-existing condition. Please note, that in the case where the pre-existing condition was excluded on one knee, the exclusion may also apply to the other knee as well. You will be informed of this exclusion in writing if it is applicable to your pet.
  23. What are alternative therapies and are they covered?
    Alternative therapies are any treatments not forming part of mainstream veterinary science such as acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, gold bead implants, herbal therapy and a host of others. Due to the lack of scientific evidence supporting these treatments, PawPaw Pet Health Insurance is unable to offer cover for any of these treatments.
  24. What are chronic conditions and are they covered?
    Chronic conditions are any condition which is incurable but can be managed through long term medication. We currently consider any treatment that lasts longer than 3 months is a chronic treatment. Chronic treatments may be subject to clinical protocols.
  25. Is my pet covered while travelling?
    Yes. As long as your pet is within the borders of the Republic of South Africa, your pet will be covered. We are not currently able to offer cover to areas outside of the R.S.A.
  26. Do you pay out any money in the case of a pet’s death?
    No. PawPaw Pet Health Insurance does not pay out money upon a pets death.
  27. How do you place a value on an animal?
    We don’t, which is one of the reasons why we do not offer any payment upon a pets death. PawPaw pet health insurance only pays for unexpected veterinary bills.
  28. Do you cover cremation or burial?
    No. Cremation and burial fall outside of the scope of PawPaw Pet Health Insurance.
  29. Do you cover euthanasia?
    We only cover euthanasia if it is recommended by a vet.


How does a Pre-authorisation work?

Pre-authorisation steps:

  1. Animal gets taken to the vet. This is considered a normal consultation to the vet and does not need pre-authorisation.
  2. If the vet recommends that possible surgery needs to take place, which will involve diagnosing via blood tests, scans etc., one has to have the procedure Pre-Authorised.
  3. The vet will contact PawPaw Pet Insurance and give them the quote.
  4. Contact Details for Pre-authorisation: Ph: 021 403 9177 email documents to
  5. PawPaw will respond within 24 - 48 hours with authorisation.
  6. Once the procedure has taken place, the client pays the veterinarian direct and PawPaw will reimburse the client within 4-5 working days, less the 10% excess.
  7. PawPaw Pet Insurance can pay the veterinarian direct provided that the client has negotiated this arrangement with their vet prior to surgery.
  8. Emergency surgery will not need to be pre-authorised, but PawPaw Pet Insurance will have to be notified the following working day of the emergency procedures that took place. e.g. Gastric Torsion (others include but not limited to Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Traumatic, Gastrointestinal, Reproductive, Neurologic, Ocular and Toxicological Emergencies) These are life threatening and pre-authorisation will not be needed.

What is PawPaw

PawPaw is an insurance product designed to cover the unexpected veterinary costs that pet cats or dogs may incur as the result of illness or injury. PawPaw is underwritten by Renasa Insurance Company Limited (Renasa) and administered by Pet Underwriting Managing Agency Limited (P.uma). In return for paying your premium, Renasa will cover the pet cat or dog named in the policy schedule for the cost of fees incurred as the result of veterinary treatments for illness and injury.

Who can join?

All pets from 8 weeks to 8 years can join the PawPaw policy. We do offer Accidental Cover for pets older than 8 years (Accidental cover is offered on a different policy). The pets must be a household pet in the RSA. All vaccinations must be up to date at the time of joining. The PawPaw policy has a waiting period of 30 days from the inception of the policy.

General Requirements

  1. This policy will incept on the first day of the next calendar month following the acceptance of the application. The policy terms and premiums payable will be reviewed on the 1 June each year. The premiums are subject to inflation.
  2. There is an excess fee of 10% for every claim with a minimum of R200 per claim that you must pay.
  3. All non-emergency treatments (in terms of 1b “What we cover”) must be pre-authorised by P.uma.
  4. You agree to disclose all information relating to the pet’s health and condition at the time of signing up for cover and thereafter. This includes all examinations and/or treatments as well as signs and symptoms your pet received or displayed prior to applying for the insurance. Failure to do so could result in the cancellation of your policy due to-non disclosure. Please note, new underwriting terms might be offered, and should you not accept the new underwriting terms, your policy will be cancelled.
  5. P.uma reserves the right to contact your Vet(s) to obtain a full history for your pet. This information is utilized for our underwriting decisions
  6. You must notify P.Uma of any emergency treatments within 72 hours of the event (
  7. All claims must be submitted to P.UMA within 60 days of the date of treatment ( If your claim is older than 60 days, it will be repudiated [due to late submission].
  8. P.Uma pays claims in accordance with the South African Veterinary Councils Guideline of Tariffs and reserves the right to request a second opinion from a vet of our choice regarding treatment and fees charged. If the fees are deemed excessive or the treatment deemed inappropriate we will pay the lesser amount with the balance being for your account.
  9. As the person responsible for the pet you are expected to take all reasonable steps to prevent injury and illness. Failure to do so may result in rejection of claims and/or the cancellation of this policy.
  10. If there is another insurance policy covering the same claim, only the rateable proportion of that claim will be paid in terms of this policy.

What we cover

1. PawPaw covers the cost of veterinary treatments required to appropriately treat illness or injuries that the insured pet may suffer. The treatments covered include, but are not limited to:

a. Consultation, acute medication, initial diagnostics, x-rays, biopsies and tests

b. Rehabilitation (post-operative only) treatments, specialist referrals, further diagnostic workups, blood tests, MRI / CT scans, radiology, radiation / chemotherapy, surgeries, chronic medication and prosthesis requires pre-approval and is subject to case management and clinical protocols. P.uma will require a detailed treatment plan from the treating Vet.

2. Chronic treatment plans may be purchased at an additional premium as a complement to this insurance plan. Chronic treatment plans are subject to treatment protocols (appropriate treatment plans) as determined and approved by P.uma (under the guidance of our Vet). A detailed treatment plan must be submitted by the treating Vet for approval by P.uma.

3. The PawPaw lifestyle benefit will pay for the cost of cremation up to a maximum of R1,000.00 for your pet. This amount will only be paid on receipt of a valid invoice from the Crematorium or Vet.

4. The PawPaw lifestyle benefit will pay up to a maximum of R 600.00 towards, either, a health check-up OR puppy socialization classes. . This amount will only be paid on receipt of a valid invoice from the relevant service provider. This benefit is available once per policy year.

5. Your pet is immediately covered for accidental injuries, as long as the policy has incepted

What we do not cover

  1. The treatment of pre-existing conditions, including any condition that manifests during any waiting period (If your pet is diagnosed with any illness/condition or a pre-existing injury is noted within the waiting period, these will become full exclusions on the policy).
  2. P.UMA reserves the right to refuse payment for repeated treatments if they are, under advice, deemed as ineffective, excessive or likely to cause the pet undue distress.
  3. Any costs other than the costs of veterinary treatments for the pet listed on the policy.
  4. The costs for the treatment of any illness within the first 30 days of joining PawPaw. (The costs of treatments for trauma resulting from accidental injury are covered in this period).
  5. Any invoices submitted more than 60 days after the date of treatment.
  6. The costs for any treatments for injuries and illness incurred outside of the Republic of South Africa.
  7. Any injury caused by abuse or negligence. We will report all abuse to the relevant authorities.
  8. Any treatment that continues for longer than 3 months unless approved by P.UMA and subject to clinical protocols.
  9. Any complementary treatments, experimental treatments or any treatments not forming part of mainstream veterinary science, including but not limited to acupuncture, physiotherapy, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, rehabilitation care (if not post-surgery and pre-approved).
  10. The treatment of behavioral disorders.
  11. Any routine care such as vaccinations, dental scale and polish, anal gland expression, de-worming, grooming, tick and flea control or any food costs.
  12. Any elective or cosmetic treatments.
  13. Any treatments in connection with pregnancy, birthing and fertility and breeding (any complications suffered as a result as one of these), sterilization, artificial insemination and injuries resulting from breeding.
  14. House calls, travel costs, after-hours consultation or hospitalisation unless a vet confirms it as necessary in terms of the pet's health.
  15. Any surgical items that can be used more than once. These are non-chargeable items.
  16. The costs of any prosthesis, implants or transplantation unless explicitly approved by P.UMA.
  17. Any costs after death (post mortem examinations).
  18. Any treatment by person/s not registered with the South African Veterinary Council.
  19. We do not under any circumstance cover euthanasia unless recommended by a veterinarian.
  20. Any non-emergency treatment undertaken without the prior approval of P.UMA.


This policy may be terminated upon giving one months’ written notice of cancellation and the cancellation shall be effective from the first day of the calendar month following the notice.

PawPaw Pet Insurance Policy Wording 2017 - 2018

KEY POINTS for PawPaw Pet Insurance

  • Upfront Underwriting
  • Premium: Dog – R255 (Full Cover) Cat R178 (Full Cover) Cat/Dog R107 (Accident Only Cover)
  • Age – Older than 8 weeks and younger than 8 years  (Full Cover), Over 8 years (Accident Cover)
  • No Microchip, permanent identification or tattoo required
  • Waiting Period – one calendar month from start date of policy.  Accidental injuries covered from date of inception.
  • No Condition specific waiting periods –  (unless underwritten because of illness  history)
  • No Breed Exclusions
  • No Sub Limits
  • No Annual Limit, R20 000 (Accident Only Cover)
  • Policy Excess – 10% of every claim with a minimum of R200.00 per claim
  • Our Claims are processed within 72hours and payments are paid to the vet or the policy holder as required
  • Pre-authorisations (for non-emergency treatments) ensure that there are no unexpected costs


  • Acute Illness and injury  – Consultation, diagnostic investigations, treatment, medication, surgery, pathology and radiography
  • Chronic cover –  with pre-authorisation and clinical treatment protocol.
  • Hereditary Conditions cover –  provided it’s not pre-existing.
  • Supportive Rehabilitation /post surgery – subject to pre-approval and treatment protocols.


  • Pre-existing conditions.
  • Boarding Kennels and Catteries.
  • Routine Care (deworming, *vaccinations, grooming, flea/tick treatment, prescription diets, etc).
  • Fertility & breeding (such as sterilisation, artificial insemination and injuries resulting from breeding, birthing and birthing complications).
  • Complementary Treatments eg. Homeopathy, acupuncture.

 *All vaccinations are kept up to date by the pet owner.