Cell C Dog Ad - Are you tired of being taken advantage of?

Oh gosh this must be the funniest advert that we have seen in a long time! 

Cell C Dog Advert

Cell C, a local mobile operater in South Africa have produced this brilliant advert which seems to have caused many people to be up in arms about its content.  It is however, in our opinion, a very funny way of explaining how the average South African feels about basically almost everything they are exposed to on a daily basis.

(SAPromo reports that (as of 24 June 2015) around 100 complaints against the advertisement have already been registered at the Broadcasting and Complaints Commission of South Africa, since the advert started being aired on national TV in June 2015.)

If you liked what you saw above, have a look at how they made the advert.  As animal lovers, we were very happy to see exactly how the advert was made and who were behind the scenes to help take care of our movie star and his stunt double.




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