Emotional Control in your Pet Business when times are tough

How does a true leader keep their emotions under control when things are going bad around them?

Are you a leader in your Pet Business?  Owning and running a successful pet business is never easy, especially when you have a successful business.  But success does not just come by itself.  Being a successful leader is a strategy that has to be learnt.   Dealing with challenges and challenging situations is part of your daily business activities. 

Here are some tips on how to deal with your emotions when things seem to be going bad around you:

The most natural thing to do is to blame the world around you for your frustration/s.  The best thing to do here is to not blame anyone. If you remember that you are responsible for how you behave, then a magical sense of control and power regarding the situation and your emotions will overcome you.  We cannot control what others say or do, but we can control how we deal with the situation.

When things go bad, people take notice.  They want to see how you are going to react the next time a similar situation comes your way.  Show them you are in control by staying calm and relaxed.

Once you have taken control of your emotions, you will be much more objective and open minded when you get the facts.  During this time you might even find out that the problem is way more solvable than you originally thought.

To get the facts and ask the basic questions: Who - What - Where – When and How.

Have you ever been told to write a letter and not send it?  Well this is also a great way to get to the bottom of the problem.  Sometimes you write the letter and while you are writing it you calm down and often even find an amicable solution too.  Go on, write it down and feel the positive outcome!

It might also be that by doing the above, you begin to learn that this is really a situation that you should rather avoid or walk away from.  This too can be good, because we can only learn and grow by knowing what our mistakes are and how to not repeat them.  Take from the situation what is needed to make your next project a greater success.

Once you have come to a conclusion of why you were so frustrated, the next best thing to do is to plan what you are going to do about it.  Taking action is the key to being successful.  Most leaders are action orientated.  Spend all your time and energy on taking action to the solution to the point where you have learnt, grown and become overloaded with achieving success.

Share your plan of action and your goals with everyone.  Communication will not only help you, but it will also encourage those around you in supporting your successes in your Pet Business.  People like to be encouraged by leaders and successful people which is why your communication is so important.


Do the things today that will guarantee you the kind of Pet Business you want to have tomorrow.


Review By : Juanita Aitkenhead Ed
Source: Crunch Point - Brain Tracy


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