Freebie Friday 16 August Win with Lucky Dog gift box

Welcome to #FreebieFriday !  Today we feature the Lucky Dog Gift Box.

Lucky Dog Gift Box Competition

Every Friday we will be giving away a prize to a lucky winner.  We have some fantastic prizes up for grabs in the weeks to come.

Competition Entry Rules:

  1. Winner/s will be chosen from the comments in the comments section below (and not on Facebook).
  2. Competition Starts at 01h00 and ends at 23h30 every Friday.
  3. Competition launch date is also its closing date (the same day).  Late entries will not be accepted.
  4. One entry per household is allowed.
  5. Only people residing within the borders of South Africa are allowed to enter.
  6. People who reside outside the borders of South African may offer to donate their prize to a South African Animal Charity or Shelter listed here.
  7. Winners will be announced on this page in the comments section below, as well as on the PetHealthcare Facebook page within 24 hours.  Winners will also be contacted directly per email as they register their answer below the competition entry.
  8. Winners have *2 weeks from date of entry to claim their prize.  After this, should they not come forward to claim their prize/s, it will be awarded to the next person/s.
  9. Winner/s give PetHealthCare permission to post a photo of them or their pet/s enjoying their prize, on our Facebook page and in the monthly Newsletter.
  10. PetHealthCare and the Sponsor/s reserve the right to choose the winner/s, and no correspondence will be entered into.


The Sponsor for today is Lucky Dog Gift Services - Friday 16 August 2013

Prizes: 1 x Lucky Dog will win a Lucky Dog Box

Question: What is Lucky Dog Gift Services?

To enter please answer the above question, together with why you believe you should win - in the comments section below & remember to LIKE the competition post on our Facebook page.


When the doorbell rang and the Lucky Dog Box arrived at our offices, our doggies were more than curious about its content.  It was a pleasure to see their faces light up and wags in their tails.  The “sit” & “stay” command suddenly worked again.

You ask: What is Lucky Dog Gift Services?

Lucky Dog Gift Services is a subscription gift service that sends out a tail-wagging box of dog-related goodies to their subscribers each month.

We (Team PetHealthCare and the dogs) proceeded to un-wrap the exciting parcel and inside we found these fantastic treats:” 

Nandoe Free Range Ostrich Treats.  ~ “We were not sure exactly what part of the ostrich this is made up of, but they were smelly, hard and safe for chewing. They proved to be as yummie to the pooches as we thought they would be.


Natural ostrich chews may sound unusual, but ostrich is especially low in fat, making it the perfect natural dog treat!

• Suitable for sensitive dogs / dogs with allergies
• Helps keep teeth and gums healthy
• Prevents bad breath
• Less messy
• Splinter-free
• Satisfies the chewing urge.
Healthy teeth, healthy gums, healthy doggies!

Nandoe is based in Oudtshoorn, Klein Karoo, South Africa, produced for Nandoe by Klein Karoo International.


A Squeaky fluffy toy ~ “Need we say more? 

The big dog was not allowed to get his teeth into this one, as we know from history it would not last long, but the small fluffy one had it all to herself and she loved playing with it for hours. Its still ‘ alive’ 5 days later”



Posh Pooch Pet Shampoo ~ “After washing the doggies in this shampoo their fur did not only shine and feel soft, but they literally smelt like my babies all over again. The only thing to remember is that this product is not to prevent ticks and fleas.


The original product in the Posh range, Posh Pooch has been proven to help tremendously with skin diseases, while leaving your dog’s coat soft, hygienically clean and smelling fantastic.


  • - Anti bacterial, anti viral and anti fungal
  • - pH neutral
  • - Biodegradable
  • - Contains Aloe Vera and Shea Butter to moisturise and condition


JOCK multi-stages Dry Kibble ~  “Upon opening the pack, we had the furry ones under our feet in no time.  They took turns getting their treats and seemed to love what we had to offer them.  According to the packaging, this product is rich in meat and contains Chicken and Rice. 

I was not too happy to notice the ‘may contain 5% or more GMO ingredients’ , but then again –, looking at the breakdown of these ingredients, it’s a comprehensive food at a affordable price of R320 per 20kg. 

If you live in the Western Cape, you can order this product with a Free Delivery to your door.”


MuttMix R50-00 Discount Voucher ~  “What a fantastic service, right on our South African doorstep.  This product was our featured product last week, and we are totally sold on this great concept of finding out what a Mutt / Cross-breed dog is made up of in its genes. 

Knowing this information will help the pet owner understand their dogs character, behaviour and possible medical illnesses it could be exposed to.  If you have a mutt, this is a must-have test to do for your dog.  The DNA test is very easy to do and the cost is R495-00.

Lucky Dog Mutt-Mix vouchers include a R100 donation to charity that the Lucky Dog community has chosen. For this box, the charity was LEAPS.  Quote the shelter code MS1207 when you order online and Mutt Mix will not only give you a R50 discount, but they’ll donate R100 to LEAPS as well!

Probono Iced Dog Biscuits ~ “These remind me of the Iced Zoo biscuits you get in the supermarkets. 

They rank at the top of my favourite list, and when we handed these two pooches a Probono biscuit each, well it went down like a house on fire. Watch out for the calories, but a lovely once a week treat for the spoilt ones.

Now the scientists at Probono have developed a coating for their nutritious crunchy treats which looks and tastes as good as chocolate but does not contain any ingredients which we all know are harmful to dogs. Contains NO THEOBROMINE.  No artificial colourants, No artificial flavourants, No preservatives.


Rooibos Aromatics Skin Care for Animals ~ “At first glance, I said to myself: ‘Hmmm, I wonder what this is?’ I read the label on the white plastic container, and then opened it. The content: Tea.  ‘Tea!?’  ...from there we investigated the product further and found it to be not only very interesting product for our pets, but also a ‘almost’ must-have in the home. 

Its not 'Tea' but a granular supplement or “crunch” made from organic rooibos plant and chamomile that has been infused in oil then drained and dried.

Its says its the perfect natural remedy for an ITCHY SKIN.  How many of our furry friends suffer from this nasty condition? We gave it to the 2 doggies to sniff, but only the small fluffy one took a liking to it.  She was curiously sniffing the crunch that I sprinkled into her food bowl and then lapped it all up.  If anything, she is the one that needs this the most.  I will continue to feed it to them 3 times a week (as described, mixed into their food) and monitor if her constant scratching does become a thing of the past.


Most itchy skin is caused by an allergy of some sort, although Rooibos Oil for animals helps animals to reduce the irritation caused by the allergy, it is important to find out what is causing the reaction. The most common cause is fleas, so make sure your animal friend and their environment are treated with an effective flea control.

Another cause of irritation is often diet related, so be sure to investigate natural, nutritional diets for your animal companion who may not be able to cope with the additives in commercial pet food.

  • Aside from the crunch in the Lucky Dog Box, Rooibos Aromatics also produce a Our Rooibos & Chamomile Oil, which is an internal nutritional supplement
  • It is a palatable oil which can be poured over food or given as is. Most animals enjoy the taste and will lap it up without coaxing.
  • It can also be used topically for rashes and hot spots, but only on UNBROKEN skin.
  • Use the prescribed dosage appropriate to your animal and its size. Once itching subsides lower the amount to 3 times a week.
  • To maintain a healthy skin and coat, continue to administer once a week.
  • Results are usually seen 7—10 days after starting on the oil.
  • The key to success is to be diligent in the daily administration of the oil.


“Our overall opinion of the Lucky Dog Gift Services is it’s a fantastic idea. You derive the benefit of a very happy doggie once a month as well as the fact that you get exposed to products that you might just never consider using for your pets otherwise.  We love the fact that you can order this product online, that it is tailored to your Lucky Dog and the messages are personal and you can give it to someone’s pet as a gift too.  The cost starts at R179pm for a 6 month subscription, which includes postage. A door-to-door courier option is also available."

                                                                             ~ Every month you get something different ~

Question: What is Lucky Dog Gift Services?

To enter please answer the above question, together with why you believe you should win - in the comments section below & remember to LIKE the competition post on our Facebook page.


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