Giving back on Animal Welfare Wednesday

Its important to give back in life.  We at try our best to give back to you, our readers and the community within the South African Pet Industry.  It is for this reason that every Wednesday we celebrate #WelfareWednesday here on our website and on our Facebook page.

Every Wednesday we would like to encourage you and all the Welfares in South Africa to please share or post the animal welfare or shelter needs and wish lists on our fast growing Facebook page.  This is where we do our best to support and encourage the message to be spread far and wide.

Its important for everyone to understand that we do not focus on animal cruelty, but not because we do not care.  Posting a mere picture of some animal being tortured or abused - with no means or action to help it, to us - has no value other than creating a visual disturbance and upsetting those who really do care, and doing little to nothing to those who do not care (the people who should be 'getting the message').  We do however support active campaigning to stop any form of abuse or cruelty, because it is at this point where people and organisations are actually actively doing something about a situation. 

We ask you to please support your LOCAL animal welfares or charities, instead of throwing your resources (especially money) into an organisation that you have never been to or know little about. 

Herewith the reasons why we say so:

  1. Local is lekker!
  2. Get involved in your community, get to know the people who are doing their best to help the voiceless and the helpless.
  3. Find out where your local shelters or rescues are located.  So many people have no idea where their local welfare or rescue even is - or worse who they are.  Its normal, dont feel guilty, but there is no better time like now to make that effort to find out who they are and where they are.
  4. Understand their operating hours.  Do they work 24/7 or are they open to the public during certain hours.  Often these people are a labour of love, show them that respect if this is the case.
  5. What is the phone number of your local shelter or welfare?  Save it in your phone and tag it SOS, for easy future reference.
  6. If and when you ever need their help, they will be there for you - no questions asked.  Your pet might get lost or you might want them to help you with an injured stray animal that needs assistance.
  7. You will get to see and understand their needs, and you will be able to find ways to help them.  This could be financial or physical requirements, like volunteering your time or donating much needed items.
  8. You will get to see the fruit of your effort.  Remember by just merely putting money into an account where you think it is going for a good cause, you never really know.  But by supporting LOCAL, you get to see and feel the benefits of taking care of your community and its needs.
  9. The best thing to do, is ASK them these questions.  Tell them you care and ask how can you get involved.

On the note of giving back, last Friday we missed our product review and product feature, so in order to make up for this fun new trend growing in our community, we decided to incorporate the sponsor and their wish with a suitable day like today.

Have you ever heard of the WUMA! brand?  Its a brand that you will often see featured at Pet Expos around the country and have been operating and growing their network since 2005.  Wuma! has established itself in all major pet shops around provinces like Gauteng, the Western Cape, Limpopo, the North-West, Free State as well as other parts up in Africa. 

  • WUMA! is a complete and fully balanced dog food, vitamin enriched for health and vitality and contains anti-oxidants to boost immunity. Scientifically formulated by a leading animal nutritionist.
  • The protein level of 20% is suitable for adult dogs and supplies additional protein to the minimum requirements.

Source: WUMA!

Today WUMA! dog food would like to offer 5 Lucky Readers each a 8 kg bag of dog food.  Together with their generous offer, they have asked that each readers' favourite local welfare also get a bag of 8kg of dog food.  In total we are giving away 10 bags of food today.  

*Prizes: 5 Winners each get 2 bags of dog food.  (1 will be donated to their favourite welfare)

*Question: Who is your favourite local Animal Welfare or Charity or Rescue in your home-town?

Remember to SHARE the post which is on our Facebook page.  No SHARE no entry.


Competition Entry Rules:

  1. Winner/s will be chosen from the comments in the comments section below and on Facebook.
  2. Competition Starts at 8 am on Wednesday 6 November and ends at midnight.
  3. Late entries will not be accepted.
  4. One entry per household is allowed.
  5. Only people residing within the borders of South Africa are allowed to enter.
  6. People who reside outside the borders of South African may offer to donate their prize to a South African Animal Charity or Shelter listed here.
  7. Winners will be announced on this page in the comments section below, as well as on the PetHealthcare Facebook page the following week. Each Winner will be guided on this page on how to contact us as soon as we have made the announcement.
  8. Winners have *2 weeks from date of entry to claim their prize.  After this, should they not come forward to claim their prize/s, it will be awarded to the next person/s.
  9. Winner/s give PetHealthCare permission to post a photo of them or their pet/s enjoying their prize, on our Facebook page and in the monthly Newsletter.

PetHealthCare and the Sponsor/s reserve the right to choose the winner/s, and no correspondence will be entered into.

Update: 13 November 2013

Winners have been announced:  We would like to thank the people who nominated these organisations as well as the sponsor WUMA! Dog Food for donating 10 x 8kg of dog food for this initiative.

Winner nominated by: Lesley Machin

Name of Shelter or Welfare in South Africa: Phoenix Animal Care & Treatment
Operating Since:              March 2012

Location: Phoenix Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal

Contact Details:
Address:  92 Stoneham Avenue, Phoenix, 4068
Phone:  084 609 3962
Website:  tbc

About them:

NPO Number: 114-846

P.A.C.T is a non-profit organisation striving to provide a better quality of life for homeless/neglected/abused animals in the Phoenix area.

Our mission is to:
- Raise funds to sterilise homeless animals in Phoenix.
- Provide low cost spaying/neutering rates to the community.
- Educate the community on responsible animal care.
- Find homes/foster homes wherever possible.
- Feed homeless animals, e.g. feral colonies.
- Provide medical treatment (via an affiliate veterinarian) where necessary.

Furthermore, if an animal is found to be abused or neglected we will remove the animal from the home. Where homing or re-homing is required we will enlist the assistance of our animal network (consisting of a number of animal organisations in South Africa), and will relentlessly do our best to find a home.


Phoenix is a poverty stricken area with many owners who either cannot afford to or are not concerned with sterilising their animals. As a result, there is a considerable breeding problem in this area which leads to unwanted litters destined for homeless lives under unfathomable conditions. This is where P.A.C.T hopes to make a difference - by sterilising homeless animals and helping owners (who cannot afford sterilisation fees) with a welfare rate.

General Information

Being independently involved in animal rescue and care for many years, the founding members of this organisation decided it was time for animals in the Phoenix area to have a voice. All members are from Phoenix and bring together a wealth of experience within the community. As a non-profit organisation our time and efforts are voluntary with a reliance on fundraising and donations to achieve our objectives.

Wish List:            Our (idealistic) vision is a future where the majority of animals in the Phoenix area are sterilised, fed and treated with respect (or at the very least, tolerance) in the community.

Donation Banking Details:

Bank: Capitec
Account Name: PACT
Account Number: 1315862946
Branch Code: 470010


Winner nominated by: Dinette Hendrikse

Name of Shelter or Welfare in South Africa:  Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre
Operating Since: February 2009

Location:  Western Cape

Contact Details:
Address:  Boy Briers Street, Fisantekraal, Kraaifontein, Western Cape

Phone:  083 357 9148

About them:
"Changing lives ONE by ONE"


To Rescue, Rehabilitate and Re-Home as many dogs and cats possible.
To always put the animals first
To be the voice that speaks and stands up for Animals who can't

Company Overview

Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre is a Non-Profit Organisation who started in February 2009. We are fortunate to have a farm where we have fenced off camps with grass where the dogs can run around and play and are not cooped up in Kennels.

We are a Pro-Life Organisation and do NOT believe in ending any animals life without it being absolutely necessary.

Wish List:            Our needs consist of Funding, Volunteers, Food Cat / Dog, Support, Distribution of our News Letter

We all believe every animal should be happy, even the ones who didn't get it first time round.

We have adoption days once a month at Cape Garden Centre in Joostenberg Vlakte - which is hosted by Paws for a cause, this is in Honour of all our Rescues who crosses our paths and to give them the opportunity to shine and show the world who they are and to find then good homes.

Donation Banking Details:

Name: Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre
Bank: Standard Bank
Acc No: 41 051 445 4
Branch: 02 65 09
Milnerton Branch
Business Cheque Account

Winner nominated by: Mary-Anne Paverd

Name of Shelter or Welfare in South Africa: SPCA East London
Operating Since:  1913  

Location: Eastern Cape

Contact Details:
Address:  260 Main Road, Amalinda, 5247 East London, Eastern Cape
Phone:  043 7451441 EMERGENCIES: 083 446 8682

About them:

The East London SPCA is a registered non-profit organisation committed to animal rescue, animal welfare and preventing animal cruelty. We are not government funded.


Our priorities are to:-
• Prevent cruelty of domestic animals, farm animals, equines and wildlife
• Provide care and shelter for abandoned, abused, stray or neglected animals
• Prevent unwanted litters by sterilising pets belonging to low income earners
• Reunite and adopt animals into loving homes with responsible owners
• Provide primary veterinary healthcare to animals in poor communities
• Educate young learners on responsible pet care and humane treatment of pets
• Rescue animals from crisis and distress


Wish List: Donations please. We want to thank our generous supporters!
We would like you to know that not only will your donation directly benefit the animals in our area but – through a sharing agreement between all SPCAs nationwide – a portion will be used in other, less fortunate areas to benefit animals over a wider area. We feel sure you will approve of this outreach initiative and wish to thank you most sincerely for supporting our SPCA and the movement generally.

Donation Banking Details:

Bank: Nedbank
Branch: Hemingways 12-63-17
Acc No: 1045102423

Winner nominated by: Tracey Hosier

Name of Shelter or Welfare in South Africa:  Animal Ambulance
Operating Since: 2002

Location:  Gauteng

Contact Details:
Address:  Plot 35 Kromdraai street Petronella Pretoria, 0002
Phone:  083 241 4452

About them:

The purpose of The Animal Ambulance is to aid abused and sick animals who without our help would die an often painful death. We believe in giving all animals a second chance as we are a pro life shelter.

After the animal is rehabilitated we offer them up for adoption in exchange for a fee. All our dogs are sterilized except the puppies.

At the shelter, the animals are treated as family and are not kept outdoors, in a cage or a kennel. They are not watchdogs - they are pets. Feel free to arrange to visit us ... you'll see what we mean about how much we love our furry friends!!

Wish List:           

  • Tin food
  • Cheap pellets (for hungry/abandoned township pets)
  • Blankets
  • Bowls
  • Kennels
  • Toys for puppies
  • Treats
  • Cash donations toward veterinary medical bills
  • Cash donations toward our Animal Ambulance home
  • Partners and volunteers for Fundraising Events

If you would like to make a donation to this worthy cause, (we do give tax receipts) you can make an EFT using our banking details below or alternatively make a secure online credit card payment:

Donation Banking Details:

Account number 622 585 310 89
Animal Ambulance
Branch code 250044. Our website has a credit card secure payment facility.


Winner nominated by: Jennifer Ann Gorrie

Name of Shelter or Welfare in South Africa: Pro-Life Pet Rescue
Operating Since: October 2011

Location: Mpumalanga

Contact Details:
Phone:  Karin at 079 498 7971
Website:  TBC

About them:

Finalist Community service of the year Nelspruit 2012, Lowveld Chamber of Commerce

A Pet Rescue, Rehabilitation and Adoption Agency.  We are a Non-Profit organisation with a no-euthanasia policy (unless absolutely necessary). We are looking for foster and permanent homes for abandoned animals. Join our mission and help a pet with a happy home.


Our mission is to give every pet that is brought to us, a happy home where they can feel comfortable and loved. We do NOT euthanize any healthy pets as all pets deserves a second chance.

Wish List:
We are looking for Foster homes as well as Permanent homes for pets that are abandoned, previously mistreated or lost and found by someone else. We also have a charity shop that sells anything from A-Z to help pay for pet food etc. Please donate any old clothes, furniture, books, DVDs, curtains etc. Anything welcome.

Donation Banking Details:

Standard bank Nelspruit
Account number: 03 02 609 65




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