Is Grain Free Dog Food Necessary for Dog with Skin Allergy?

Best Dog Food, Skin Allergies, 2020, Top 10 Dry Foods, Healthy foods for pets, Pet Healthcare, Pet Advice
An Expert Perspective

Most of the dog food available in the market contain meat as a fundamental ingredient. Meat acts as an inflammation-causing agent, and the prime underlying cause of a skin allergy in dogs comes from inflammation. "Grain-free food is a wise choice for your dog since you are eliminating the common causes of dietary inflammation."  

Also, omitting pet food rich in soy, wheat, and corn will aid your pets' overall health. Dogs will have an improved digestive function, heart disease reduction, and, eventually, a decrease in skin allergies and other common diseases.

Best Dog Food, Skin Allergies, 2020, Top 10 Dry Foods, Healthy foods for pets, Pet Healthcare, Pet Advice

The Process to Go Grain Free

Once you decide to go grain-free for your dog, the process to change dog food plays a crucial role. Just as we humans cannot get accustomed to a sudden change in diet at one go, the same applies to your pet dog. Therefore, remember not to go cold turkey at once. Gradually introduce and increase the grain-free food by mixing it with the usual. In such a way, your pet's digestive system will receive ample time to get acquainted with the change. Also, the dog will get used to the taste of high protein food.

Puppies and Grain-Free Food

The organ systems in puppies are still in developmental stages. Therefore, meals that are rich in protein can be damaging to the kidneys of your pups. Several brands sell formulas only for adult dogs, and not for the puppies, whereas there are brands that offer best dog food for skin allergies irrespective of the age. As a result, before paying the bill, make sure you read the instructions and the label.

Best Dog Food, Skin Allergies, 2020, Top 10 Dry Foods, Healthy foods for pets, Pet Healthcare, Pet Advice

Keep Yourself Updated

In this process of switching to grain-free dog food, one essential thing to notice is your dog's excreta. You should have an update if your dog suffers from diarrhea or constipation. In addition to that, keep an eye on any unusual events, such as itching, hair loss, lack of interest in eating, or drinking an inadequate amount of water. If you see such changes, immediately contact your veterinarian for further precautions.

Best Dog Food, Skin Allergies, 2020, Top 10 Dry Foods, Pet Healthcare, Pet Advice

Read Before Buying

A misconception that many people follow is that grain-free food has lower carbohydrate value. In grain-free dog food, the food products replacing grains constitute potatoes, tapioca, sweet potatoes, green peas, and other carbohydrate-rich products. These substitutes make the final product a much higher constitution of carbs. One more myth is that vegetables are not the catch for your dog. Contrary to that, veggies are healthy for pets and vets suggest it makes up at least half of the pet meal's constitution. In light of this, before you buy any product by listening to others' comments and remarks, read the contents, and follow the advice of your veterinarian.


It is not only food that can cause a skin allergy, there are many other matters to keep in consideration.  Dealing with skin allergies can be difficult, but the best place to start is to look at your dog's diet.  A timely diagnosis of skin allergies is crucial and can make it easier to prevent any mishappenings in the future. Take heart, and do not lose hope. The key is to always get the best grain-free meal of high nutritional value for your pet dog.



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