Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds for people suffering from allergies

If you are a dog-lover, but suffer allergic reactions due to the shedding of their fur, then this information is just for you.  Here we share with you a list of hypoallergenic dog breeds that do not shed much, and will help you make a more suitable choice for a pet.

What is a Hypoallergenic Dog?

This is the type of dog breeds that is more suitable for people who are allergic to dogs. These dogs shed very little or don’t shed at all.

What is the reason for people to be allergic to dogs?
Dander (also known as dead skin cells) is the reason for the allergies in humans because people have the sensitivity to this material. Dander is composed of tiny, even microscopic, flecks of skin shed by cats, dogs, rodents, birds and other animals with fur or feathers. These bits of skin can cause reactions in people who are specifically allergic to these triggers

Every animal sheds different amounts of dander; similarly, every person has a different reaction to these materials.

What can you do to reduce the amount of shedding of dander?

  1. Regular trips to the groomer or bathing your dog regularly according to a schedule given by your vet. If your dog travels with you in the car, it is advisable to clean the car too.
  2. Regular cleaning of your house will significantly help to reduce dander in the house.  A suggestion is to consider more regular cleaning in the most active area around the house.
  3. Cleaning the vacuum, furnace, air-conditioning units regularly will reduce dander.
  4. Rotate the cleaning products weekly to maximise on bacterial control around the house.
  5. Training your pets to stay out of the bedroom and or off the furniture can go a long way towards helping keeping allergies under control.

List of Hypoallergenic dog breeds


Poodle (Standard, Mini, and Teacup) are the best choice for people with allergies. Poodles shed and release very little dander.

Bichon Frise

The adorable Bichon Frise is best known for a double coat. The advantage of the double coat is that their shedding hairs are caught up in the undercoat.

This adorable dog breed is famous for the silky white fur. They do not shed much as other dogs do and only lose hair while brushing.

This breed of dog has a dense and soft coat. The coat does not lose hairs but requires regular brushing.


Chiweenie is a hypoallergenic dog breed. This dog breed will only shed seasonally.

Chinese crested dog breed is a hairless dog but cleaning the coat is required regularly.

This adorable breed has a thick, soft coat that does not shed.

Shih Tzu has a long double coat that requires daily grooming, yet shedding is very little.

They have a dense and hard coat that does not shed much. This adorable breed is also known as the hypoallergenic breed suitable for people who are allergic to dogs.

Final words

There is nothing like the hypoallergenic but the term is used for the dogs that shed less and are suitable for the people suffering from the allergies. The list above provides the list of best hypoallergenic dog breeds.

About Author

Saif ur Rehman is a dog lover and author at Dogs DB. I love to research and write about the dogs and dog related stuff.


Dog is allergic to humans
Did you know that pets can be allergic to humans too?

“Many pet guardians are shocked to learn their dog or cat is allergic to them. But since humans can be sensitive to pet dander, it makes sense that some pets are also allergic to us.

According to Dr. Tom Lewis, a veterinary dermatologist in Phoenix, when pets are allergic to humans, "It's never an obvious and direct reaction. They'll scratch and get a lot of secondary infections. Some of these dogs just are miserable."1

And because it takes time and repeated exposure to human dander for an allergy to develop, the average dog is 2 to 5 years old before he begins to react.

Pet allergies to human dander are common, but often go undiagnosed. Dr. Lewis believes that purebred dogs are more likely than mixed breeds to have this type of allergy. Labs, Golden Retrievers, and some terriers seem predisposed.”  Source – Healthy Pets




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