Lets Talk Business - Give people what they want

Do you have a business in the Pet Industry?  Today we want to explain to you in #LetsTalkBusiness about the idea of giving people what they want.   Have you thought of it?  Do you think this will turn your fairly slow moving pet business into a more profitable business?

You can have everything of what you want in life if you can just learn to give other people more of what they want in life – Zig Ziglar

It’s what you can contribute.  You can live any life you want.  Don’t focus on earning the money, focus on the value that you can deliver.  Money is an exchange for value.  What value are you offering your clients?

This reminds me of a lady that used to groom my wire fox terrier. To me I like my foxie to have the scruffy teddy bear look.  I’m not mad about the standard big eyebrows and whiskers look.  Yes it looks great on other dogs, but I wanted my dog to have the hair trimmed the same length all over.  No fluffy tail, no funny eyebrows and please don’t do that little beard.  Well, this lady, as great a groom as she was, I decided to change to another groom WHO GAVE ME WHAT I WANTED.

Maybe you are a dog trainer?  People come to you and say to you for example “I want my dog to walk with me and not be all over the place and out of control”.  What do you do?  Do you say, well come to my puppy school and we will help you.  Or do you say, well, you have two options, you can come to our puppy school and join the social class or we can do 1-on-1 sessions for double the fee.  That is of course if you have the time.  The bottom line is, give people what they want and you will get what you want.


Do you run a veterinary practice?  We all know how much you care and love animals.  Of course, you would not be a vet if you did not love them like we do. But when I walk out the door from my vet, Im always wondering if they will ever really remember me and my pet who’s life they just saved again.  Get online and show your clients you care.  Take a photo of your patients (with permission of course) and post happy stories about these babies on your page.  Its something small, but people love seeing their pets being loved by others.  How does that saying go: If my dog doesn’t like you,I don't like you. Well the opposite is also very true:  If you like my dog, then I like you too.

Are you the local Pet Sitter? Instead of just popping in to the house to feed the animals, why not make up a ‘cost sheet’ of all the ‘extras’ that you offer?  For example clearing the mailbox, picking up the poop, shake out the dog beds, extra walks, feeding the fish, watering the plants. Maybe as a freebie send them a photo of their pets while you are with them.  Learn how to take awesome pet photographs.  I know that we love getting a photo of our pets from our pet sitter when we go away.  Give people the option to get what they want, and you will get what you want.


Keep this in mind: 

If you can offer people more of what they want, then you can get more of what you want.


Create a Survey:
If you don’t know what your clients want or you are not sure of what they want, create a survey and ask them what they want from the type of service that you offer.

Focus on what others want and that will convert into everything that you want. Try it.

Your Steps To Success

The key to making your business a success is that it's not about what you learn from this information, but its what you DO to make it happen.

What are you going to do to make it happen for you and your pet business?

By: Juanita Aitkenhead


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