Marketing Ideas for Non Profit Organisations

If you are a Non-Profit organisation, then these are some vitals your organisation needs to keep in mind to get the most out of your donation requests.


1.  Make sure people understand what you do.

Your most important aim is to ensure that people know exactly what your organisation does.  An image with a mission statement is key here, and it should be your biggest eye catcher on your website or Facebook page.  Current readership needs to be reminded about your mission, but this is all about growing your readership.  New readers need to know in as short amount of time what you do without having to spend anything more than 30 seconds trying to find this out.


2. How will a readers' donation impact your mission?

Immediately after your mission statement, tell your readers how their donations will help towards your mission.  Explain in tangible terms that X-amount of Rands will do Y for your mission. e.g. Your R50 donation will feed 10 dogs/cats today.

Physical proof of past missions funded by public donations will also help the reader understand that their money will get its bang for their buck.  Future dated missions can also be explained and how much is needed to fund it will be greatly appreciated by your readers.


3. Don’t ask for donations before you have proved who you are and what your mission is.

It’s like asking someone to marry you on a first date.  Not good.  Having your donation request in the face of the reader before they understand who you are and what you do, will leave them with more empty questions than filled answers. 

Keep your donation request on your website or Facebook page easy to find, but try to avoid this being your visitor’s first point of interest.  Offer readers options that will suite their ability to give back, which could include donating their time, items or funding.


4. First impressions last (forever)

Give your readers instant access to who you are by making your first tab on your site the 'About Us' tab.  Remember new readers are keen to become part of your community if they don’t have to fight through all the text to eventually find out who you are.  Include names, addresses and phone numbers.  If these are not displayed, eyebrows are raised and questions are asked.  Putting doubt in your visitors mind will result in them never returning again. This is not a time to put doubt in the minds of new visitors (forever).


5. Can new visitors read the small print?

What you do and who you are should never be illegible.  Sometimes organisations provide this information in such small print, you need to grab your reading glasses to read it.  You have nothing to hide, so make this clear.




6.  Too much information

Information overload is again the other side of this coin.  Provide text that is easy to read and to the point ie. Number your sentences and provide bullet points. Over sharing is also what make readers click out.  Readers like graphic images with a bit of text to describe them. 



7. Social Media

If your organisation only has a Facebook page, you are walking on thin ice.  Why, you ask?  Well they own your page and they can remove or delete all your hard work without any explanation.  To add to this, readers don’t feel comfortable donating money to an organisation that does not have a website with tangible information on it.   Facebook feeds that automatically feed your Twitter page is also frowned upon, so keep it real with all of them. 

Social media is key to keeping your mission transparent, but a website should be your biggest priority – complimented by your social media.  If you “don’t have time” for all of them, then readers will also find other organisations that “do have time” to filter their valuable time and or funding to.


8. Saying Thank You

Non Profit Organisations are all about doing good in their communities.  They work extremely hard and they appreciate all the support that they get from the public.  Sometimes they get criticised, and its a known fact that everyone cant please everyone all the time.  It goes with the saying: "if you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing nobody".  Sure they are not there to make the public happy, they are there to feed their mission of helping the helpless and the voiceless, but they need the public to stay funded and keep their mission active.  But one thing that many charities and non-profits often omit is saying thanks to their supporters.  They expect support when they ask for it, but its not very often that they say thank you.  How many times have you done something for them - and told them - but a silent return remains? Its like its just expected from everyone.  We encourage NPO's to make an effort to show gratitude to those who make the effort to tell you they have supported you. Shared, Liked, Donated Time, Donated Money, Donated Skills or goodies.  We can almost guarantee that a small "Thank You" will encourage more support from the same people - looking after your current clients (fans / supporters) is vital rather than trying to grow your reach.  The multiplier effect is huge.   There are those NPO's that do do this and you will see they have a big committed network of support, but there are those that just dont do it at all.  Take the time to thank your supporters - especially when they let you know they have done something for you. 


All the best in your marketing and thank you for doing such amazing work.  We know that it was all started with a huge passion and an even bigger heart.  We are here to support you every step of the way!


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