Pets on Board

We are super excited to announce that your pets are now able to fly with you on board. 

**The CEO, Niko Bezuidenhoud, said on 31 March 2014: "I am very excited to share this information with our passengers and we welcome their extended family.  Pets have become a vital part of the South African Travellers' modus operandi.  Going on holiday with your pets is the way of the future and we want to make it as convenient as possible to our clients."

Mango Airlines SOC Ltd, known as Mango, is a state-owned South African low-cost airline, founded in 2006 as a subsidiary of South African Airways, that operates domestic scheduled budget services. Mango's main base is OR Tambo International Airport near Johannesburg.  Mango’s first flight took place on 15 November 2006, and now with their new feature they welcome pets on board.

As a low cost airline, Mango features a uniform fleet of aircraft with high seating density, but convenient for pets to travel with their owners. Mango also offers online ticketing.


South African Airways Voyager members can also redeem SAA Voyager miles with Mango for their pets, but are not yet able to earn SAA Voyager miles with Mango.

A standard booking does not include food and drinks, but the airline has catered for all types of animals on board. Mango offers a buy on board programme offering food and drinks for purchase.

Mango provides an in-flight magazine Mango Juice along with Mango TV, a daily in flight entertainment programme viewable on the drop-down televisions placed throughout the aircraft.

Proudly South African with Mango!

In-flight Wi-Fi is also available on all flights for a fee. Wi-fi services are provided by G-Connect, a local internet broadband provider.


The cost of the travelling companions vary, but range from about R600 between Johannesburg and Durban, and R800 between Johannesburg and Cape Town.


**April Fool :)  Thank you for sharing in the fun!




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