Saying good bye

Our pets are in our lives for many reasons.  The most of us have pets because we love them as companions, and fellow beings that we can express our unconditional love to, often also for the need of without being judged.  They do not laugh at us when we do baby-talk, neither are they ever mean to us or judge us. 

RiP human owner Dog mourning owners death. A Will for my dog pet

Our pets become self appointed body guards, they keep us laughing and reminding us about how to appreciate the little things in life.  You are guaranteed to feel welcome every time when you come home and all they ask in turn is a cuddle and a walk, a secure warm spot to sleep in, for us to not hurt and or abuse them, to be given healthy food and clean water, and to take care of them when they become ill.   There are a thousand other things we love to do for and with them, but these are just to mention a few. 

Most of us dedicate our lives to a promised commitment to look after them from the day they enter into our care, until the day they die.  We all know that we outlive our beloved pets most of the time, and this sad day is always one we have to prepare for, for every beloved pet that we own.

There is however other very important questions that we often forget to answer: 

  • What will happen to my ‘Non-Human Animal family’ should I not be able to come home one day? 
  • What if I had to die, who will take over the ownership and care of these special angels of the earth? 
  • Who will be able to give them the quality life that I have given them?
  • Will the local SPCA come and take them and hopefully find them a good home? 
  • Will they go to family and or friends... and
  • Will they have access to enough money to look after my pets?

We suggest that you make space in your will for your pets today.  Write or type out the following onto a piece of paper, and make sure it is added as an annexure to your current Will.  It will be quick and easy to do, and let those who will manage your affairs know of your intentions.

Herewith the suggested text that you should copy and paste into your Will:

“Emergency Pet Guardianship
In the unlikely event that I am unable to return home and assume care of my pet/s, herewith the name of the person which the executor of my estate should contact to take over the care of my pet/s.

___________________________ _________________________
Pet owner’s signature Date”

Please be sure you have notified the person above that you have listed them as your emergency pet guardianship contact and that the executor of your estate has been given their contact information.  We suggest that - if you are able to -, to also provide a source of income to the Guardian for taking care of your pet.

Picture Credit: The Daily Mail


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