Video of Pup Surrendered because she was too ugly

The Patient

Roxy was brought to Mdzananda after her owner accidentally drove over her. She had been under or behind the car when it left the yard. Both her front legs and jaw were fractured in the accident. 

Her owner brought her to Mdzananda where we treated her for almost four weeks. She was a wonderful patient and her injuries healed very well - so much so that she could walk perfectly again - one could hardly believe that she had had broken legs.

Back Home

Roxy was discharged from our hospital and sent back home - the accident was not intentional and her owners cared for her. However, things changed. When Roxy arrived home her owners no longer wanted her. They said that she was now "too ugly" due to the scars on her legs. Her nose also made a snoring sound when she got excited. 

Surrendered because she was now ugly

We took her back to Mdzananda and she joined our homeless pets unit. Just because she was "ugly" didn't mean that no one would love her. We knew her perfect home would come along. 

Beautiful New Home

Not too long after, Roxy was adopted by a fantastic family. Her new mommy, Michelle, shares her story:

"I'd been wanting to adopt a dog for a while but I was waiting for the right one to speak to my soul. After reading Roxy's story  I just knew she was MY special doggie. It was love at first sight.

While driving her home from Mdananda she was shy but already loving and accepting of me as her mom. I was initially a bit hesitant about the adoption as I had five rescue cats too, but even they embraced Roxy immediately. She crawled deep into our hearts and it is hard to imagine life without her.

She has a kind, loving and beautiful spirit and makes us laugh daily. Thank you Mdzananda Animal Clinic for your fantastic work and allowing me to adopt this precious girl."

Watch Roxy's video of her healing process


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