WODAC Pet Expo 2013

PetHealthCare.co.za popped into the WODAC Pet Expo 2013 held at the Gallagher Estate in Midrand, Johannesburg from 19 - 21 July.  Here are images of some of the happy exhibitors for this years event.

The first World of Dogs & Cats Pet Exhibition was held in Durban in 1996 at the Durban Exhibition Centre and in 2003 it was moved to The Dome in Johannesburg. From there the popularity grew and in 2011 the exhibition moved to the Gallagher Convention Centre to become a resounding success.
The primary purpose for holding such an event is to expose the public to purebred dogs and cats and inform them of what responsible dog, cat and pet ownership involves.

Every year WODAC endeavours to improve and develop this event and to demonstrate all facets of activity to those that either already have or are considering the pleasure and responsibility of owning a pet.



Well done to the team at WODAC for hosting a fantastic event.  We trust its going to be just a good and better in years to come.


Images : Thank you to Cindy Bramhall for taking these pictures.


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