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Country: South Africa
Province: Gauteng
City / Town: Pretoria
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Service Type Breeders
Brief description of service We are breeders and home of good natured Yellow, Black and Chocolate Labrador Retriever, Tri-colour Beagle puppies and Short legged, brown and white Jack Russell Terrier puppies. We are located in the Gauteng province and lives just outside Pretoria. Our puppies are breed from selected parents with good natures and good lineage.

All our puppies are dewormed from 2 weeks of age, every 2 weeks until 8 weeks of age. We also vaccinate our puppies 2 times before leaving our home. Inoculation is essential for preventing many diseases. Puppies must have a full cycle of vaccinations to help them resist dangerous viruses. New owners of puppies must keep their vaccination program and must never roam with their puppies until they have received at least 3 vaccinations and have an interval of at least 2 weeks from their last vaccination before exposing them to the world!
Our Services cater for Dogs
Cost for Jarocas Kennels - Subject to Change
Different breeds sell for different prices. Our Jack Russell puppies sell between R 1200.00 and R 1800.00
Our Beagle puppies sell for R 4000.00 - R 5000.00 and our Labrador Retrievers sell between R 4000.00 and R 5500.00 all depending on sex and colour.
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Phone: 0829545222
Cell phone: 0829545222
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