3 Dachshunds rescued from being PTS

An urgent alert was sent out to the Dachshund rescue community when the owner of 3 dogs ordered to have them put to sleep as she could not find them a home together in the timelines that she was given.

CSI Reporting: This must be the rescue mission of the year  

Camdeboo Sterilisation Initiative was alerted to the plight of 3 Dachshunds that were scheduled to be put to sleep on Saturday the 16th of April 2016 by their owner.

due to rules of their Body Corporate. Pikkie (Mommy) and her 2 sons Milo and Teddy. Since these dogs were inseparable and pined when apart, the owner did not wish to have them split up for adoption and from experience, we know that homing 3 dogs to the same home, borders the impossible. So sending them all together over the Rainbow Bridge, seemed like the preferable and only option to the distraught owner.  

3 Doggies spending the night in foster care en route to their new home.

We received the MAYDAY on Wednesday evening, 6th of April, leaving us with basically 2 days before Saturday to find these Daschies a home TOGETHER – the only condition on which the owner would release them into our care – if we could promise that they will not be split up.

And thus begun frantic phone calls, sms’s, whats-up’s, emails, PRAYERS.

Another obstacle – they were in Pretoria, and we are in Graaff-Reinet, Eastern Cape!

Our absolute gratitude and heartfelt THANK YOU go to all the following people:

  1. Sonja, an acquaintance of the owner in PTA who had been trying to find them homes, and who alerted her FB friend Courtney, who does rescue work in Noupoort, Northern Cape.
  2. Courtney Stassen from Noupoort Animal Care for alerting CSI, Graaff-Reinet, EC.
  3. Reinette Smith from Namaqua Dog and Donkey Foundation and Claudine Matthews from Paws Rehoming on the East Rand of JHB who drove to PTA to fetch the little family on Saturday.
  4. Merle Viljoen for boarding them at her kennels in Kempton Park until Wednesday morning.
  5. Roland Westgate from Namaqua Dog and Donkey Foundation who got up in the wee-hours on Wednesday morning to pick them up from the kennels and deliver them to their lift in Randburg.
  6. Fabian Cairns from Graaff-Reinet who “man-alone” transported the 3 doggies to Graaff-Reinet AND had them stretched their legs along the way.  And to his lovely wife Lianne, whom we believe, was instrumental in persuading him to agree to this “mission”.
  7. Gerty Schadle for offering to foster them for 2 days until the following stretch of their journey on Friday.
  8. Nienke Scholtz and her friends, travelling form Middelburg E.C. to Uitenhage the Friday, who transported them to Uitenhage.
  9. Kerneels Scholtz and his family in Uitenhage who provided “sleep-over” the Friday night. And also for arranging for their daughter Nienke to travel to Graaff-Reinet on the Friday.
  10. Elize Lange, their new “ever after” Mommy who drove from just outside Patterson, E.C. the Saturday Morning at 06h00 to go and fetch the new additions to her family. We could not possibly have hoped for a better and more loving home for these 3 orphans. Elize is no stranger to CSI and has adopted from us in the past.

And thus ends “The incredible Journey”  I am completely humbled by all the rescuers and animal lovers, some friends and some strangers, pulling together to make this miracle happen and save 3 precious lives. Like a respected friend use to say: The Lord often works supernatural in natural ways – using ordinary people like you and me, to make extraordinary things happen. All honour to HIM.

Wags, Wags, WAGS

CSI Team

Should you wish to support their cause:

Camdeboo Sterilisation Initiative Banking Details:  Capitec: Acc name: CSI;  Acc No 1337952417, Bankcode 470010 Ref: Your name

Please join them on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CamdebooSterilisationInitiative


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