Barkley Pet Hotel

Pet Luxury has been taken to a new level, at the Barkley Pet Hotel in America.

Going away is always very hard for us Pet Owners, as leaving your pet behind becomes a huge mental burden and it feels like leaving your child behind.  You want them to be taken care of like you would when you are at home, but who is going to take care of them as good as you always do?  The problem is, finding places or people who offer such a service is never an easy task.  The options that most of us are exposed to is house or doggie sitters, or that dreadful thought of leaving them at the kennels. 

Barkley Pet Hotel have given some lucky dogs and cats the opportunity that most pets (and owners!) would love to go to.

Bakley Pet Hotel

These lucky pets do not only have a wonderful place to go to while mom and dad are away, they also have a ultimate luxury option to be collected by the Barkley VIP PET Limousine.  Fancy Fido indeed!


Upon arrival you are greeted by the friendly staff and after a quick check-in, the fun begins.  It looks like the meaning to Pet Friendly 'wining and dining' has been taken to a new level.  The only down side makes us wonder if they will ever want to come home after all this fun!

Pet Hotel   Pet Hotel

This Pet Hotel caters for cats and dogs with various types of 'levels of luxury'.  Either way, one can see they have made it their goal to keep the pets entertained and calm in a tranquil environment.

Pet Hotel   Pet Hotel

Each kennel apologies.. room, has its own webcam, so mom and dad can always be kept up to date with how Fluffy is doing.

Pet Swimming Pool   Pet Hotel Swimming Pool

There are the indoor and outdoor pet friendly swimming pool options to chose from.


After a hard day of playing outside with all the new friends and some time spent on the couch in front of the tv, there's always more time to relax...

Pet Hotel Pet Groom   Pet massage

Pet grooming and pet massages are all part of the fun that takes place at this luxury pet hotel.  Our pets love to be massaged, what a great idea indeed.

Pet Bedtime Story

There is nothing more soothing than a someone special - while mom and dad are away - who can read to you a bedtime story.  Boy, do we love this hotel! Is there place for humans here?


The first thing that comes to mind while you read about this dream pet hotel, is "how much does it cost?".  It was nice to see that they are not that over-the-top expensive and that they mainly charge rates per hour, which means you can tailor make the facilities to fit your budget.  

Pet Friendly Holiday Destinations South AfricaIf you are not so lucky to live near one of these amazing pet hotels, then we have some options for you to consider to rather take your pet on holiday with you. We have a selection of Pet Friendly Holiday destinations for South Africa, and our list is growing by the day.  Click here to view these Pet Friendly Holiday options today.

One wonders if there are other pet hotels like this around the world?  Do you think your pet would like to stay here?



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