Beautiful Poem of a Doggie Looking for an owner

I'm looking for an owner,
who'll never treat me bad.

Who'll truly love me,
and try not make me sad.

Who'll groom and make me pretty,
and who me off to friends.

Who'll play with me and walk me,
and let me chew book-ends.

Who'll be right there to feed me,
my health is theri concern.

Be gentle and be friendly,
and ver be too stern.

Someone who'll give me shelter,
not tie me with a chain.

Who'll car for me and help me,
if ever I'm in pain.

An owner who won't leave me,
on the roadside all alone.

For someone mean and scary,
to stel and take me home.

An owner who won't force me,
to fight to stay alive

... to be part of a bet,
that I cannot survive.

In return I'll make you happy,
I'll be loyal, I'll be true.

I might even surprise you,
with all that I can do.

So, if you're all I've mentioned,
then please don't waste your time.

Come over and adopt me,
secure a bond of a lifetime.


Author: Vanessa Fitzpatrick

Doggie Den Randburg



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