Best Gear For Walking Your Dog On Your South African Adventure

Essential Hiking Gear for Dogs

Best Gear For Walking Your Dog On Your South African Adventure

South Africans are known for their devotion to their canine friends, and statistics prove it. A study revealed that on a global list of pet ownership, South Africans ranked tenth on the list for dog populations, with 7.4 million dogs. South Africans are also known to refer to their furbabies as part of the family, and it's not uncommon to see the Mselekus and Van Stadens walking along the promenade with their favourite pooch. The benefits of walking a dog extend far beyond the physical, and pet industry specialists have designed some great gear to ensure these walks remain comfortable and memorable.

Keep Them Warm And Comfortable

While South Africa experiences moderate winters compared to the rest of the world, temperatures drop well below 0 degrees Celsius in some parts of the country. For dogs, this can become a long and arduous time indoors. Thanks to some specially designed gear, colder climbes is no longer the barrier it used to be. From reversible dog jackets and waterproof non-slip socks to raincoats and floatation vests, there is no condition that furry best friends can’t tag along for the journey. Non-slip socks or rubber shoes are also quite handy on very hot days where concrete, tar, and rocky surfaces might be a little too hot to handle.

Essentials To Take Along For Camping Trips With Your Dog

All along the coastlines of Durban and Cape Town, as well as the interior such as Drakensberg and parts of Gauteng offer campers epic camping spots that are pet-friendly. For pet owners, there are a few essentials that make trail walks and beach trips a little more fun and items such as the portable water bowls and a durable leash go a long way. But these trips also mean that pets get affected by nature a fair bit and while the weather conditions can easily be dealt with, dogs also have to endure ticks, fleas, and mozzies. Lotions and baths specifically designed for this purpose go along way, while keeping them indoors at night helps a lot too. 

A Good Night’s Sleep

Dogs are known to sleep where they are, whether it’s in the shade of an old tree or simply where they find a comfortable spot, pet owners want to offer their furbabies the opportunity to have a good night’s rest, especially on camping trips that involve a lot of hiking and physical activity. Elevated camping beds for dogs are great for pet owners who want to give their dogs a little bit of clearance off the ground. Those who don’t have the space - or energy - to lug around a heavy bed can invest in a durable dog mattress or dog sleeping bag. These allow an easy roll-up and carry and are also quite easy to keep clean.

For pet owners, creating that barrier between earth and man’s best friend is a critical consideration, especially where direct contact with the ground is not recommended. Flat rocks and areas that gather a lot of moisture or damp require waterproof gear, which should extend to the sleeping arrangements for Fido. 

Dogs are inquisitive and love the activity, and there is no better way than including them on outdoor adventures. For pet owners, the adventure simply isn’t complete without man’s best friend beside them.

By :  Katlyn Jarman


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