Charity Gift Idea by Lucky Dog Gift Services

Lucky Dog Gift Services has teamed up with the Cape of Good Hope SPCA to ensure that shelter animals are not forgotten this Christmas. They are running a campaign where YOU can send a gift box to a Cape of Good Hope SPCA dog or cat to prepare them for the new year.

Here’s How JingleBox Works...

1. First you register as a JingleBox Giver by visiting and completing a short form.

2. Then you decide how you want to give a JingleBox:

JingleBox is a simple, fun campaign that will assist the COGH SPCA in collecting much needed necessities and treats for the dogs and cats in their care.

Please help Lucky Dog Gift Services to bring joy to some not-so-lucky animals by sharing JingleBox with everyone you know.

If you are unable to help with a Jinglebox or a donation, another great idea to help them is to Tweet or Facebook with tag #jinglebox and link to to share the campaign details with everyone.


For more information contact The Lucky Dog Team

Jenna (0824122772) or Jane (0790852582) or mail



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