Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business Idea

Are you a keen entrepreneur who loves animals and would like to start your own business - especially one that you would love doing?  Is there an alternative to dog boarding and or cattery services in your town or suburb?  Herewith an idea that could help you start your own business.

Job security is vital in todays world.  But the best job to have is the one where you can pay yourself, financial freedom at its best.  Give yourself freedom to spend more time doing the things you want when you want and at the same time make money and enjoy doing it.  Why don’t you consider a pet sitting and or dog walking business in your local neighbourhood?


We have put together some ideas to get you and your pet sitting or dog walking business going:

  1. Offer a personalised pet sitting service.  Each item must have a value to it.  This way your future clients will know exactly what to expect from you and what it will be costing them.  Never be scared to put a fee to a service.
  2. Dog Walking is huge all over the world, but in South Africa the pet owners are still getting used to the idea of someone else giving their furry children some extra love.  The love they are not always able to give due to work or physical constraints.  Its true, we are just too busy to spend enough time with our furry loved ones, trying to put food on the table.  Offer a daily, weekly or monthly package in your neighbourhood. One-on-one walks and group walks could be offered at different rates.  Make up some flyers and distribute them to all in your area.  Always remember to drop off the flyers in the areas that you are able to service.  Do not go outside of this area, or you will start to eat into your profit.
  3. Build an sms or email database of your new client list and keep in touch with them via their easy convenient means.  Remember to not overdo this service, but if done right, it will help you with your new business.
  4. Get involved in courses of grooming and pet behaviour.  This will increase your service levels and your client base.
  5. Offer to visit pets at their home or even when they have been left at a kennel.  Sometimes people cannot afford a pet sitter for eg 10 days, but if you offer to visit their pets at the kennel during their stay, this can add to your credibility for your future clients - who will maybe then be wanting to make use of your services over and over again.
  6. Network:  Build up a network of fellow Dog Walkers to learn from each other how to grow your business and service levels.  These networkers can become a vital part of your business when you need a backup plan too.
  7. Once you have managed to understand your new business model, consider to employ others by building up your own network within your own business.
  8. Consider the following optional extras as a service for your clients:
    1. Switching lights on and off.
    2. Clearing the post box.
    3. Water the plants.
    4. Poop scooping.
    5. Perimeter check of garden / house / fence.
    6. Feeding of fish and other pets that they might have.

More ideas to provide a good Pet Sitting or Dog Walking service:

  • Create a list / tick-sheet of items and services that you offer.  Ensure they have costing values next to them.  Give your clients the opportunity to complete this form, so that the arrangement is in writing and agreed to by both parties. 
  • Keep a database of your clients and their needs.
  • Start a Facebook page or a Twitter feed to show people what you do.


The benefits of having your own business are endless:

  • Your time becomes your own.  But always remember that work is work and fun is fun.  Too much of either will become a problem.  Keep the balance.
  • You can determine what your income will be.
  • You will get to know more people and enjoy spending time with more animals.
  • You can grow your business and eventually even sell it if you have to.
  • ... the list goes on!

Always remember :  "If it was easy, everyone will be doing it".   It will be hard work and - at times - not fun, give your business time  to grow. Any new business will take about 2 years to get going.  Do not loose faith in your dream and keep the focus on your end goal.  Quitters never win and winners never quit.


Good luck and please make use of the  Listing Page to list your new pet business.

Entrepreneurial Ideas for Pet Sitting and Walking Services in South Africa.



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