The end of Backyard breeding in the Garden Route

The community of George have recently been shocked at the horrific state of 2 dogs rescued in 2 separate incidents by their local SPCA.  This has brought about for the George SPCA requesting the public to support them in exposing the people who unscrupulously breed with their animals, more commonly known as backyard breeders.

In support of their search for such pet owners, they have the backing of a new by-law that has been passed to assist in controlling animal welfare.  

George Municipality have approved a new by-law regarding animal welfare in the greater George district, to provide for the control over the number of dogs and cats that may be kept, the breeding with dogs and cats, control over dogs and cats and other animals by their owners, impoundment of stray dogs and cats and other animals, the prevention of nuisances and to provide for incidental matters.

  • 4.3.1 "Any person or breeder wishing to keep an unsterilised dog/cat, with or without the intention to breed, must obtain a permit from the municipality.
  • (a) An application to keep an unsterilised dog / cat, must be in writing on a prescribed form and must be accompanied by the prescribed fee (which is about R1000per year per animal).
  • 4.4.1 Any person or breeder who wants to keep a greater number of dogs/cats on premises than the number permitted in terms of section 3 must apply to the Municipality for a permit which will not be unreasonably withheld."

Where can you obtain these compulsory permits?

  1. Law Enforcement offices in Cathedral Street, George. contact person Mervyn Soonies.
  2. The Garden Route SPCA, Ossie Urban Street, Tamsui Industrial Area.

What will it cost to keep an unsterilized dog or cat?

The cost of an animal permit or licence is R1 000 per animal per year.

"The money from the licences will be used to fund the sterilisation of animals belonging to people who cannot afford to pay for their animals’ procedures," said Heather Church, chairman of the Garden Route SPCA to the George Herald. "It will also encourage people that haven’t got around to it, to sterilise their animals," she added.

Report people who breed with their pets:

If you know of anyone who is breeding dogs or cats without a licence, contact your local SPCA. Your identity will be protected or you may call anonymously with the breeder’s address and details.

Read the by-law relating to the keeping of dogs, cats and other animals here. 

Well done and thank you to the teams at the George SPCA and Mossel Bay SPCA, we are very proud of you and we know it was with your hard work and dedication that laws such as these get implemented and enforced. 

The only way to regulate a municipal area is to start with your local municipality.  Find out who is the person in charge of Law Enforcement and build a relationship with them to help you to help the animals of your community.  This all starts with 1 person wanting to make a change.  If you are that person, let us know your story and we would love to publish it to help encourage other readers to do the same.

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Information sourced: George Herald


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