Getting the right bed for your old sizeable canine friend

Everyone is aware of the critical benefits of having a good night sleep on our health, both in the short-term and the long-term. Likewise, things are no different for dogs. Dogs can lie down or curl up on any surface to sleep.


However, a good quality dog bed will provide the ultimate level of quality rest necessary for your pet. At times, the dog might seem comfortable at that position; they are not getting a deep sleep and can be easily awakened.


Choosing a dog bed

Every dog deserves a comfortable place to call their own and size would become the first consideration while shopping for a dog bed. A few dog breeds are considered significant as in the case of Retrievers, Collies, Hounds or German Shepherds. Therefore, to get the right bed size would require measuring your pet from paws to tail while in a rest position.
Orthopeadic Dog Beds

The way the dog sleeps is a key consideration, as it determines the comfort the dog gets from the bed. If your dog sleeps snuggled up, an enclosed bed will be best to accommodate them. However, if you have the type of dog that likes stretching and moving around, a blanket-type bed is the best bet for an option.

You would probably have also to consider if your dog is in its later years and start looking into a bed to help maintain their joints. Similarly, to humans, a dog's body loses its ability to maintain and repair itself like it could when young. A good dog bed would prevent the development of the age-onset joint diseases and disorders such as arthritis and hip dysplasia.


It is also necessary to consider a bed made up of washable materials to keep your dog from sleeping on dirt or grime. If your dog is a chewer, you could go for a non-toxic material that will be hard for him to chew up. Matter of style or colour is more dependent on the pet owner, although there are those that care the dog bed matches with the house décor. Overall, there are many designs around, and you can purchase different styles to be switching up.


What's out there?

For large dog owners, finding a bed big enough for your canine friend can be a problem. Not many retail stores offer dog beds for different large breeds, and the online marketplace seems the best place to start. Online you are bound to find a variety of best dog beds for large dogs, big enough to fit even two dogs.

Memory foam beds are probably the most popular models with large dogs due to their ability to offer support and provide proper spinal alignment for the dog. In return, this helps protect the dog from early hip problems and other bone issues. The key is to get the right memory foam thickness that will support the dog's weight and size.

The PetFusion Ultimate dog lounge and the Dog's Balls bed models are excellent examples of memory foam mattresses with the latter having the premium 4" memory foam.

Orthopaedic dog beds are a grander version of memory foam beds but with extra consideration such as a foam filler, to provide enough support for your dog. These models are an equivalent of the human mattress but offer further to help maintain the pet's joints by moulding itself according to the animal's body.


So if your dog is experiencing health issues in term of bones or is old, it would be great to look into getting an orthopaedic dog bed made from good quality memory foam. Some of the models you can pick available include the Big Barker 7" Pillowtop orthopaedic bed, KOPEKS' 7" Orthopaedic bed, the Friend Forever Premium Orthopaedic lounge bed and the Furhaven Pet Furhaven Deluxe Chaise Couch model. The Go Pet Club Orthopedic Memory foam is also ideal for aging dogs that do experience joint, muscle pains or arthritis.


Why should you get your dog a bed?

It is worth noting that dogs are territorial creatures and having a designated bed area just for them will have them stick to a comfortable spot rather than jump around the house. With a dog bed, you will spare the living room or bedroom furniture from the wear and tear presented by your large pet. It is no secret also that large dogs weigh considerably and a good dog bed could offer reprieve on the part of their joints, and skeletons.

Another good thing with owning a dog bed is that it keeps your canine friend free from harsh weather such as a cold or wet floor. Overall, a comfortable bed will enable your dog to not only sleep peacefully but also live, recover and age in a much healthier way.


Considering pet insurance

As your dog ages, you may have balked at the cost of attending a regular health check at the vet. If you are in such a situation, you may want to consider having pet insurance to ensure your aging canine is provided with the best vet care without having to break the bank. You will soon find out that getting the right policy is a lot harder but worthwhile. For starters, you would need to do a great deal of research on health companies and the insurance policies they offer especially for aging dogs to compare with your budget. Medical history, the current state of health, age, location and breed of your dog are significant factors to consider also in determining whether your dog can be insured or not. All-in-all, the pet insurance service works similarly to a health insurance plan with many dog insurance plans covering annual health checks, medication, surgeries, emergency visits, lab tests or vaccinations.

So if you think pet insurance is expensive or unnecessary, consider the fact you would have to pay for the service out of your pocket next time you visit the vet.  Instead, opt to purchase a pet insurance plan and save yourself a considerable amount of money from the rise in vet costs.

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