The importance of Puppy Food

This month, whilst most of us are celebrating the youths making a difference in our lives, we should also take a moment to appreciate our young furry friends who not only entertain and enrich our lives but also provide us with companionship and unconditional love. And that’s why feeding your puppy high quality, nutritious food with good quality  ingredients is one of the best things you can do for them.

BOSS Dog Food, a flagship brand of Promeal (the largest wet food manufacturer in South Africa) offers complete and balanced high quality nutrition, which is locally produced and affordable to give their customers’ four-legged family members the complete nutrition they deserve.

The quality of the food you feed your puppy is vital and plays a crucial role in the development of your young dog and his future health. That’s why BOSS ensures pets Peak Protection™ which delivers 5 highly important benefits to pet owners namely shiny skin and coat; strong teeth and bones; improved immunity and healthy digestion and energy. The team at BOSS have dedicated months to reformulating and improving their recipes - which are tested for quality on a daily basis by the leadership panel at BOSS.

The BOSS range also comes in life stages, something not often seen on the local shelves, meaning that you can get your furry kids going on it from their puppy stage, all the way through their adult years and right into their senior years. This is crucial because dogs at each life stage require different nutrition and calorie levels for their energy output. “We are very proud to be the first affordable dog food brand that includes life stage formulations in our brand family”, says Tania Morgan-Weyer, Managing Director of Promeal “We believe each pet, at each stage of its life, deserves high quality nutrition and every pet lover deserves the opportunity to offer this, without breaking the piggy bank.”

When considering what food to feed the newest addition to your family, remember that puppies need to eat more proteins, fat and certain minerals than senior dogs as they need to support their bone and muscle growth and require more calories to meet their energy needs. And when your puppy has reached approximately 80% of his expected adult size, only then should you progress on to adult dog food.

The BOSS formulation prides itself on complete nutrition thereby giving dogs complete and balanced, full meals from a can. Unknown to many dog owners, not all cans are equal in their nutritional offerings, and cannot all claim to offer the same complete nutrition in a can that BOSS does. Many dog food manufacturers claim to be the preferred option by dogs; at BOSS we put it to the test on a continual basis. Try it yourself. Try BOSS for dogs for your puppy, adult or senior pooch and let the proof be in the can, and his wagging tail.


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About Promeal

Passionate about your pets, Promeal (Pty) Ltd is a Sub-Saharan African pet food boutique specialising in the craft of nutritious pet food. With over 25 years’ experience, Promeal are the largest wet pet food manufacturer in South Africa and the largest House brand wet manufacturer in the country. With a distinct local heritage the company was founded in the agricultural sector as a livestock feed manufacturing business.


Promeal’s flagship brands, Boss and Petley’s are designed with the same love and care that the Promeal crew would put into preparing dinner for their own families. A trusted network of farmers, producers and suppliers provide the Atlantis based factory with a consistent source of quality meats and veggies. Promeal are also proud manufacturers of quality pet food for South Africa’s top retailer brands, some pet shops and specialty channel brands as well as export brands, proof of their well-known and trusted

quality and nutritious pet food. 

Promeal (Pty) Ltd, registration no. Registration no. 1961/01324/07, is a subsidiary of Overberg Agri Ltd


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