Mandela Day for the Animals

Pet Health Care always supports the notion for encouraging the public to "give and support local".  We encourage our readers to find out who and where their local Animal Shelter or Rescue is, and pop by to support them.  If we all support local, then everyone will eventually get the support they so desperately need and deserve. 

Our online vet, Dr Adel and founder of, Juanita Aitkenhead decided to ask their local community for their assistance. 

"With Mandela Day approaching, we sent out communication to as many people as we could who live in our area, and in a short time we got a fantastic response.  Even our local vet, Sunset Beach Veterinary Clinic supported us with a huge donation of dog food, tick and flea medication, collars and leashes, Hill's pet sleeping bags, chews and toys.  We contacted our local animal rescue organisation, African Tails and arranged for the drop off at 11h00 on Friday 18 July.  The Manager, Mrs Veronica Nel and her team at African Tails were very excited to receive so many goodies for their mission of saving lives and helping where is needed.

Its always so wonderful to see our community come together and show their support in a time of need.  We hope to do more regular collections of this nature in the future, but look forward to making this an annual event in the spirit of giving, towards the legacy of Mr Nelson Mandela for Mandela Day.

A big thank you to everyone in Sunset Beach, including my husband Alex who took time out of his busy day today to help get this truck load of items to our friends at African Tails."  says Juanita.

If you have done something for Mandela Day, please post your story to us and we will gladly share it with our readers.

More about African Tails:

African Tails Vision

The ever-increasing number of stray dogs adds fuel to the cycle of abuse, suffering and neglect. With this in mind, our key focus areas are:

We fund sterilisations on a weekly/monthly basis in Du Noon, Joe Slovo, Vissershok, Langa, Gugulethu and other townships around Cape Town since 2007, we have sterilized just over 6000 animals. In 2012 we sterilised a total of 1716 animals, and since January 2013 to date, we have successfully sterilised a further 1800 dogs.  Each sterilisation costs R300, and donations towards sterilisations is critical for us to continue sterilising as many animals as possible every year.

Did you know?
South Africa has enough puppies/dogs already, and all the country really needs is enough people to love them. One female cat + her offspring can produce 420,000 cats in 7 years (source: HSUS). One female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 dogs in 6 years (source: HSUS) That’s why it’s so important to sterilise your pets!

We receive calls for help on a daily basis from pet owners in townships, to assist when animals have been injured or are sick.  These animals are collected by us, treated by a vet, and returned to the owner once the animal has recovered.

We are presently focusing on educating the urban public about sterilization and the positive attributes of the incredible Canis Africanis. As well as educating the township communities about responsible animal care through weekly sessions with an African Tails representative.

Rescue and Rehoming
So far we have rescued over 1000 puppies and dogs from townships, giving them the second chance they need and deserve. The process includes a site visit, official documentation and ensuring that the dog is sterilized, healthy and up-to-date with all vaccinations.

Please Note
African Tails does not have a shelter facility. We operate on a system of foster homes in and around the greater Cape Town area. Please contact us to find out further information on any dogs/pups, or if you are interested in adopting, donating, volunteering, etc







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