Pet Safety Tips for Halloween

Each year, the emergency rooms of veterinarians treat pets for Halloween-related injuries. sweets, decorations, and crowds of strangers can all be hazardous to your pet's health.

Here are some tips to help keep your pets safe this Halloween:

1. Keep Pets Inside on Halloween

Door knocks and costumed trick or treaters can become very disturbing to your pets.  The best is to keep them indoors.  Try to avoid going for a walk on this day.

2. Don't let Pets Escape When Trick-Or-Treaters Arrive

Leash your pets prior to opening the door for the lads coming for a treat or a trick. 

3.  Keep Chocolate, Gum and Other Halloween Treats Out of Reach

Cats will not be a problem here but there are certain items one needs to keep safe from our dogs: Raisins, chewing gum, chocolates and grapes.  Other treats could get lodged in their stomach or even cause an upset stomach if its something they are not used to eating.

4. Keep Dogs Away from Mielies and Outdoor Decorations

These veggies are fun for them to eat, but if they swallow them you have to immediately make your way to the vet as they will not digest.  They will sniff and enjoy the new smells, and might even consider consuming a few.  Not a great idea for a fun night out.

5. Be Careful with Pet Costumes

Shafing under the arms and legs are a common painful experience with constumes for pets.  Elastic bands must not be pulling at all and please do not leave your pet unattended wearing the outfit.  Hopefully you will have them wear it a little before the time to get them used to it.

6. Keep Cats Away from Loose Strings and Ribbons

Cats love to play with strings and ribbons.  Should they swallow any of these items it could get knotted in their intestines and if not removed can lead to a very painful slow death.

7. Keep Your Pet Identification Updated

Collars and Tags are a must.  If pets escape the safety of their home or a leash, you really want them to have a voice when they are not with you.

8. Beware of Candles

Dogs and Cats will want to sniff or even burn themselves if they see a flickering candle.  Its best you keep these burning candles at a safe distance.

9. Glow Sticks and Lights Are Dangerous to Pets

These items contain chemicals and are made up of materials that are harmful to all pets.  Please be careful where you place them on your fun night.

10.  Have Key Phone Numbers Handy

We all do wish for a safe and fun night out.  Be prepared if there does come an emergency and know who to call if your pet gets injured or goes astray.  Also remember to keep your eye on lonely animals roaming the streets... they might need your help more than you think.


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