Stiffness & Painful Joints in Pets Brought to you by Hill's

Rather than watching your beloved pet suffer from stiffness or painful joints this winter, try Hill’s Prescription Diet j/d to see whether this revolutionary food will give your pet its bounce back, just as it has for thousands of arthritic cats and dogs around the world. From June, participating vets will be giving a free bag of Hill’s j/d (around one month’s food) to pets diagnosed with arthritis that have not tried j/d before, while stocks last.

Stiffness and Painful joints in pets

Hill’s Prescription Diet j/d has been clinically proven to reduce symptoms of arthritis in as little as 21 days. Signs of arthritis include stiffness on waking, sore joints, slowing down, sleeping more, interacting less, unexplained aggression, avoiding being handled (because it is painful to be touched), difficulty negotiating stairs, the litter tray or cat flap and grooming less, especially around the tail area. Symptoms are often worse in colder weather. If your cat or dog is showing any of these signs, speak to your vet for expert advice or visit

Stiffness & Painful Joints in Pets

Eight out of ten South African pet owners who have used Hill’s j/d for the first time said their pet was more mobile after being fed j/d - walking, running, playing and rising from rest more easily.


Stiffness & Painful Joints in PetsLifestyle changes to comfort your arthritic pet include:

·         Hill’s Prescription Diet j/d – clinically proven foods to
          reduce inflammation and pain

·         Anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce pain

·         Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplements

·         Environmental changes to the home (a warm place
           to sleep, a soft bed, a ramp to reach favourite places)

·         Weight control

·         Supportive exercise such as swimming, walking &
          physical therapies

·         Possibly surgery




Issued by Paula Wilson Media Consulting for Hill’s Pet Nutrition.
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Should this situation worsen, its possible that this painful medical condition will eventually fall under our Most Common Conditions in pets today.  To avoid this potentially costly situation, apply for Pet Insurance today.

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