Stop Puppy Brokers And Immoral Breeders

Puppy brokers and immoral breeders are around every corner of the world.  It is our responsibility as an animal loving society to try and stop these breeders from making money via exploitative breeding.  Dr Larry Kraitzick gives us his first hand experience on why he too dislikes the acitivity of immoral breeding.

My first photo is of Rambo, a dog that was bought on line on OLX.

The seller "did the buyer a favour” by meeting him at a shopping centre to hand over the new puppy. He started retching the day they got him. The next day he was brought into my clinic with gastroenteritis. I tested him and he had Parvo.


My second photo is of a Basset pup who was brought in to see me by her very concerned owner.

He had bought her the day before and she had terrible diarrhoea. Her abdomen was distended and she was very thin. When asked if he had seen her parents, he answered that the "breeder" had made some excuse. He had however seen some Boerboel adults and the man had said that he bred 26 different breeds of dog.

After clinical examination and faecal examination, I was able to make a diagnosis.

  • Problem 1 - Bad case of worms.
  • Problem 2 - This man was a puppy broker as well as a backyard breeder.
  • Problem 3 - People who buy from these breeders.


The owner of this dog was a kind and responsible owner. He had been hoodwinked. We have all fallen prey to con artists. It is not my intent to criticize those of you who have deceived in this manner. I want to try to educate people and to put these monsters out of business.

You may ask why I wrote Immoral instead of Backyard Breeders in my title. The reason for this is that some registered breeders are as bad as backyard breeders. Those of you who are responsible and caring breeders please know that I am not referring to you. I have the utmost respect for you. I am sure that you also want to eliminate these people who are cruel to pets. They are giving breeders a bad name.


  • Research concerning what type of breed best suits your family and circumstances and ask your vet what possible health problems these breeds have.
  • Fetch the pet at the breeders home.
  • Insist on seeing the pet's mother and make sure you authenticate who the pet's sire is. Good breeders often choose different sires to make sure the pups have good genes and to stop inbreeding. Thus this may require some work but it is important...
  • Insist on seeing the entire breeding facility.
  • Make sure that the pet’s mother has been vaccinated in the last 3 years. Look up the breeder's vet phone number yourself and phone the vet yourself to authenticate this.
  • It is advisable that the pet already be vaccinated and dewormed by a registered vet. To ensure that the seller is telling the truth, look up the vet practice phone number yourself. This is the only way to ensure that the vaccination certificate is authentic.
  • If the puppy or parents look ill, or the conditions under which the pets are kept are poor, do not allow yourself to be manipulated into buying.
  • Get a signed guarantee that if the pet becomes ill within 5 days, that the breeder will accept responsibility for the vet treatment. Should the breeder say they would take the pet back if it becomes ill, you must insist that you will take the pet to the breeder's vet yourself. This protects the pet from the breeder trying to treat the ill animal themselves.
  • Take the pet to your vet on the way home to be examined.
  • Sterilise your pet to avoid unwanted puppies or kittens!!
  • Take out pet health insurance. This will ensure that you will be able to afford the very best treatment that your pet may need to save their life.

Pets and pet lovers are making this desperate plea: Please help us end the terrible and unnecessary suffering caused by this heinous practice. Help stop these immoral, deceitful and cruel breeders.

Saved by the vet!

I am pleased to report that both these innocent souls recovered after intensive treatment. They suffered severe symptoms and may have died.

Dr Larry Kraitzick B.V.Sc
Bruma Lake Veterinary Clinic (Find Dr Larry on Facebook)

Dr Larry KraitzickQualified in 1990 with Bachelor of Veterinary of Science from Onderstepoort Veterinary Faculty.
In 1991 he ran a welfare clinic in Alexander Township. He went to the United Kingdom to register as a Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in 1992 and began working at Yeoville Veterinary Clinic, which he took ownership of in 1993. Whilst running Yeoville Veterinary Clinic Dr Kraitzick  collaborated with Dr Leo Reinecke (Human Radiotherapy Specialist)  in treating selected pet cancer Patients with Chemotherapy.
He started Bruma Lake Vet Clinic in Johannesburg in 2002.  He travelled to the USA in 2013 to learn about the value of client communication and education using Media  with the emphasis on Electronic and Social Media. In October 2014 he started The Old Folk Pet Support Group and was part of a group who intervened to prevent senior residents of Tweedy Park (a government housing project on the East Rand) from being forced to get rid their pets.
Dr Kraitzick is married with two sons, three cats and a dog.


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