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Country: South Africa
Province: Gauteng
City / Town: Johannesburg
Street Address: I work throughout Gauteng
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Service Type Alternative Healing for Pets
Brief description of service BodyTalk for Animals – Health and healing on all levels in all aspects.

Like any other living organism, animals - both domesticated and wild - are vulnerable to stress. As is the case with human beings, exposure to stress can lead to disease and malfunctioning within an animal's body. The understanding that animals deserve their own type of BodyTalk inspired the evolution of BodyTalk for Animals. Practitioners, who have been working with BodyTalk for animals, invariably report that animals usually respond to the sessions even more dramatically than humans.

Like BodyTalk, BodyTalk for Animals is designed to re-establish good communication within an animal's body. BodyTalk for Animals supports the resynchronization of the animal's internal systems to provide fluid communication between the various components of the body, thus keeping the body sound and less vulnerable to disease. BodyTalk for Animals can be used on domestic animals or on wild animals alike. As the sessions are done by "short-distance", there is no hands-on contact with the animal, thus making it safe for the animal and the BodyTalk for Animals practitioner.
The body has an innate ability to heal itself; however, this ability is hindered by many factors, such as, physical, emotional, mental, biochemical, and environmental stressors.

The BodyTalk System™ operates out of this new scientific understanding; blending quantum physics with ancient philosophical knowledge to assist the body in remembering how to heal itself.

Benefits of BodyTalk therapy sessions:
• Harmonizing the body in relation to: Microbes (viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungus), Toxins, Allergies and Intolerances.
• Clearing past and present emotional blockages, including belief systems, active memories from life events e.g. abuse, physical or emotional trauma, phobias and fears, behaviour issues.
• Balancing cellular damage from vaccinations, physical or emotional trauma, acquired and hereditary influences.
• Blockages with the lymphatic system by stimulating the lymphatic system in 6 major areas (neck, clavicle, axilla, spleen, abdomen, and groin).
• Supporting improvement of the circulation of nerves and blood within specific areas of the body, as well as lymph circulation in specific areas of the body.
• Musculoskeletal: Balancing blockages in the extrinsic reciprocals, balancing surface energy points that often impact an animal or person's energy level, mood, overall structural integrity, muscle tension, and digestive system. Surface energy imbalances can also cause pain in specific parts of the body.
• Restoring energy imbalances between the animal and human client, and certain aspects of the environment.
• Exploration of matrix connections within the family, farm, zoo, sanctuary, community etc.
• Fast Aid — BodyTalk emergency procedure.

BodyTalk for Animals sessions are conducted with live animals present, via a surrogate (guardian or caretaker).
Our Services cater for Dogs, Cats, Birds, Horses, Donkeys
We also cater for All animals, domestic and wild.
Cost for BodyTalk Therapy for Animals - Integrative Healing - Subject to Change
R550 per session.

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Cell phone: 0616508817
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