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Country: South Africa
Province: Western Cape
City / Town: Somerset West
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Service Type Pet Clothing & Accessories Supplier
Brief description of service Get a coat that cools your dog down in the heat of the day!

We get dogs to fullfill our lives and do activities with us. They make such great hiking/running partners. But some days its just too hot for them and we dont realize the effect the heat has on their bodies and organs.

Dogs cool down through releasing heat through their coats and panting. Excessive panting however can have a very negative effect ont heir internal organs and put strain on their systems in general.

Some breeds are more susceptible to heat exhastion than others. Huskies, Pugs, Staffies, English bulldogs asf.

That is where the Cooling coats for dogs that we make come in very handy and should be a must for any dog owner.

The dog cooling coats are so easy to use. Just wet with water and put onto the dog. and see their temperature fall by atleast 10 degrees.. (different dogs have different results)

Increase your dogs performance, get them their cooling coat!
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Costs vary with size of dog. please visit our website or email us for a quote.
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Phone: 0725744192
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