8 Reasons Why Your Family Dog Bites

In today’s post, we will be sharing 7 reasons why your family dog bites. We all know that dogs are excellent companions. They are loyal, lovable, and become one of the family members in most households. So, when your beloved family dog suddenly bites, it leaves dog owners confused and overwhelmed, especially when kids are involved.

In most cases the dog gets blamed, but there are common reasons why the dog acted out. Bites could have been prevented by just knowing the actions that resulted in this behaviour. It is essential to be familiar with the kind of actions that can provoke a bite. Dogs are often acting in exactly the same way that humans would in specific situations. Certain actions that we react to in a specific way cause the same reactions in dogs. We just need to know what they are to prevent it from happening.

Here are some of the commonplace reasons why your family dog bites.

7 Reasons Why Your Family Dog Bites

1. Sticking Your Hands in Their Food

You won’t like it if someone else meddles with your food, or worse, stick their hands in it. The same goes for your beloved pet. Children often mess around with your dog’s food or bothers them when all they want to do is have their meal in peace. It is essential to teach kids that it is not okay to touch your dog’s food or bother them while they’re eating.

2. Taking Their Toys

Kids don’t like it when you take their toys and this is a common reason why kids fight. Your dog feels the same way about his favorite toy. Teach your kids not to take your pet’s toy. However, you should also teach your dog to build a tolerance in case it happens by accident. You can train your dog by offering a reward when he gives up his toy willingly. It will teach them to do it on their own accord instead of showing possessiveness. For professional dog training services, click here

3. Not Maintaining The Proper Distance

You don’t like it when people enter your personal space and get in your face. Your pet feels the same way. Teach your child to maintain a safe distance. Also, never pet a stranger’s dog without asking permission first. Some dogs do not like to be petted by strangers and will react to protect their owners.

4. Playing Too Roughly

Kids don’t like it if you handle them roughly or pull their hair. Your dog certainly doesn't like it when you pull his ears or tail, or play with him too roughly. Some kids like to play horsey and get on his back. While some dogs might tolerate this, it's best to teach your kids that it's not appropriate.

5. Disturbing Them While They’re Sleeping

Just like humans, dogs don’t like to be disturbed when they are sleeping or napping. Dogs also need a safe space, away from small kids to have a nap in peace. Tell your kids that this is your dog’s space and that he is not to be disturbed when he is resting. If your child calls him from a safe distance and he chooses to go to him, then it is acceptable. But if he does not want to be disturbed, we should respect it.

6. Loud Noises or Screaming

Many humans get frazzled by loud screaming or too loud noises. The same goes for your canine friends. Dogs are a lot more sound-sensitive than humans. Imagine the noise that irritates you, but ten times louder. That is what your dog is experiencing. Teach your kids not to startle your pets with loud toys or screaming.

7. Not All Dogs Like Hugging or Other Signs of Affection

With all these rules, it might seem that children are not allowed to interact with family pets at all. But this is not true. Dogs love affection and friendly gestures. The difference is knowing how to act appropriately and not treat them like a stuffed toy. It is essential to read the signs and know when your dog seems anxious or fearful and when it is okay to hug him gently or give him a pat on the head. Sometimes dogs are not feeling well which makes them more prone to acting aggressively. It is essential to take your dog for regular health checks to make sure he is healthy and in top condition. If you cannot afford routine care for your pet, why not consider pet insurance


We hope that you have found this post about 7 reasons why your family dog bites useful and that you will teach your kids to be kind to their pets. Dogs love to play and there are many games you can teach them. For instance, a fetching game will teach your dog to willingly give up his toy. Just like humans, dogs do not appreciate certain actions and have boundaries that we shouldn’t cross. 


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