Best New Product Award for Hill’s y/d Feline

Press Release

Hills Prescription Diet y/d Feline, the complete pet food formulated to manage hyperthyroidism in cats, has won Best New Product of 2012 in a survey of UK veterinarians.

Hyperthyroidism usually affects cats:

  • aged nine or older and
  • is characterised by weight loss,
  • increased appetite and thirst,
  • poor skin condition,
  • diarrhoea,
  • vomiting and
  • hyperactive or aggressive behaviour.

A simple test for excessive amounts of thyroid hormone will help your vet make an accurate diagnosis.

Hills y/d is the first and only clinically proven pet food nutrition to help manage cat’s thyroid health in as little as three weeks, without medication, surgery or radioactive iodine therapy. It is far easier than administering daily medication and gives an effective and safe alternative for the management of hyperthyroidism.

This scientific breakthrough demonstrates Hill’s commitment to unlocking the power of food to help manage disease conditions so that pets can enjoy longer, healthier, happier lives. For more information speak to your veterinarian or visit



Issued by Paula Wilson Media Consulting for Hill’s Pet Nutrition.
Media queries please contact Paula Wilson Media Consulting on (021) 789 1904 or Cathy Williams on (021) 782 2847 / 084 682 2847 /


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