Good and bad foods for pets

Those eyes that stare at you while you eat are just too cute to want to ignore, but it is at this time where you need to teach your pets that begging for food is not good.  The first step is to ignor them while you are eating.  This repeated behaviour from your side will help to teach them to not stare at you (with those longing eyes), hoping to get a piece of whatever it is that you have on your plate.

Not only can this cause bad behaviour throughout their life, it can also cause illness or even be fatal.

Below is a list of the worst foods you can give to your furry friend:


1. Chocolate

2. Grapes

3. Garlic & onions

4. Macadamia nuts

5. Avocado

6. Alcohol

7. Bread dough

8. Mouldy/off food

9. Bones/left overs

10. Ice Cream

11. Raw meat/raw fish

12. Plums

13. Raw eggs

14. Salt

15. Sweets

16. Hops


Natural treats that you can give your dog are the following:


1. Carrots

2. Banana

3. Plain Popcorn

4. Berries

5. Beef/Chicken Strips

6. Chopped Liver


Please share this important information with your family and friends to help encourage a healthy happy pet for everyone.



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