Montego Provides The Purrrrfect Diet For Your Cat

Sleek, powerful, quiet – and fluffy! Your favourite feline friend is just like their bigger cousins in the wild – they need a mix of exercise, stimulation and nutrition to stay in tip-top shape. Montego Classic Cat Food is specially formulated to make sure that your cat is in the best possible shape, whether tackling their favourite toy or working hard at a mid-morning nap in the sun.

Available in both Kitten and Adult Cat, Montego Classic Cat Food is scientifically formulated to meet the needs of your cat, providing sustained energy and promoting peak physical conditioning. Utilising Montego’s expertise and insight from years as the country’s premier supplier of pet nutrition, the formulation and production process provides nutritional balance, high digestibility and delicious flavour.

Montego Pet Nutrition Marketing Manager Wilfred Cawood says that the brand’s products are packed with the best ingredients to help maintain your cat’s health. “Montego Classic Cat Food is formulated to look after all your cat’s physical needs – keeping their teeth healthy, their coat shiny, their claws strong and their eyesight, pin-sharp,” he says. “The Adult Cat and Kitten variants of the product are developed specifically to give cats in different life stages exactly what they need”.

Montego Classic Cat Food is available in Adult Cat and Kitten variants. Classic Kitten is available in 1kg & 3kg bags, while Classic Adult Cat is available in 1, 3, 5 & 25kg bags. For more about Montego Classic Cat Food, visit


About Montego Pet Nutrition

Devoted pet owner and local businessman from Graaff-Reinet in South Africa’s Great Karoo, Hannes Van Jaarsveld, founded Montego Pet Nutrition in 2000, launching his beloved brand with Montego’s signature product, Montego Classic. Previously the financial director of a livestock feed manufacturer, Hannes and his team ploughed every cent they had into ensuring that the products they produced were of unwavering, superior quality. Montego Classic Senior and Montego Classic Adult Cat was added to the range in 2003, and Montego Classic Kitten launched in 2011. Today, Montego supplies over 1,000 pet shops, vets, parlours, animal feed shops and co-ops nationwide and has become a locally known and trusted high-quality pet food throughout the country. For more information, visit

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