Super Pup Nutriceuticals

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Country: South Africa
Province: Western Cape
City / Town: Cape Town
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Service Type Online Stores
Brief description of service Super Pup Nutriceuticals distributes specific Zesty Paws products. This is an imported range of supplements with no synthetic ingredients but key ingredients from foodstuffs like colostrum, turmeric and papaya. It is the only dog supplement in SA that contains Epicor (a ground breaking metabolite of yeast) and Bioperine to improve absorption of nutrients. It is marketed in 90 unit containers but Super Pup distributes smaller trial (7 units) and monthly (30 units) containers to give the dog owner the chance to first try it out before a bigger purchase. Super Pup focuses on the immune and gut support products Zesty Paws Allergy & Immune bites and the Zesty Paws Probiotic (acute). We also distribute Scoot Away for anal gland support. Our affiliated partner distributes the calming and joint support range as well
Our Services cater for Dogs
Cost for Super Pup Nutriceuticals - Subject to Change
R110 for 7 units
R390 for 30 units
R990 for 90 units
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